Free Homeschool Unit Studies for Notable People Born in May

The bloggers of the iHomeschool Network have teamed up to create fun and original unit studies on fascinating people who were born in May. This project has been going on for several years, so you can see both new studies and ones created in previous years!

Elijah McKoy
Born May 2, 1844
Unit study by Jenn of Mama Jenn

Johannes Brahms
Born May 7, 1833
Unit study by Erica of Confessions of a Homeschooler

Peter Tchaikovsky
Born May 7, 1840
Unit study by Mary of Homegrown Learners

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
Born May 8, 1895
Unit study by Jennifer of Forever, For Always, No Matter What

Sir James M. Barrie
Born May 9, 1860
Unit study by Betsy of Family Style Schooling
Unit study by Tricia of Hodge Podge

Justinian the Great
Born May 11, 482 AD
Unit study by Jimmie of Jimmie’s Collage

Gabriel D. Fahrenheit
Born May 14, 1686
Unit study by Karyn of Teach Beside Me
Unit study by Heather of Blog, She Wrote

George Lucas
Born May 14, 1944
Unit study by Emily of Table Life Blog

L. Frank Baum
Born May 15, 1856
Unit study by Ami of Walking by the Way

Henri Rousseau
Born May 20, 1844
Unit study by Gina of Oaxacaborn
Unit study by Ticia of Adventures in Mommydom

Mary Cassatt
Born May 22, 1844
Unit study by Tonia of The Sunny Patch
Unit study by Judy of Contented at Home

Wild Bill Hickock
Born May 27, 1837
Unit study by Aadel of These Temporary Tents

Vincent Price
Born May 27, 1911
Unit study by Joan of Unschool Rules

Jim Thorpe
Born May 28, 1888
Unit study by Joan of Unschool Rules

Ian Fleming
Born May 28, 1908
Unit study by Joan of Unschool Rules

Patrick Henry
Born May 29, 1736
Unit study by Rebecca of Mom’s Mustard Seeds

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