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Before you get started on this post, you may want to get cozy with a blanket and a cup of tea. Over the years, iHN has organized or hosted a great number of fun projects that you may find useful in your homeschool or your life in general. Here is a list of 10 of my favorite iHN resources. These include unit studies, books, and blogger linkups. I hope that you’ll bookmark this page and visit us time and time again.

1. Free Monthly e-Magazines

iHN compiles free monthly e-magazines for our subscribers. Each month has a different theme and is packed with tips and ideas from our member bloggers. In January, we shared Genius Tips for Homeschool Organization & Productivity, February was Secrets to a Happy, Flourishing Relationship, and March was Would You Rather? History Questions for Kids. April’s theme will be all about spring cleaning your home. You CAN purchase these for only 99-cents, but as a subscriber, you’ll receive freebies! Sign up now to get on our list.

2. Birthday Unit Studies by Month

The bloggers of the iHomeschool Network team up every month to create fun and original unit studies about fascinating people. These range from historical people around the world to modern celebrities. You’ll be surprised by how much you can incorporate into your homeschool lesson with a little creativity! This project has been going on for several years, so you can see both new studies and ones created in previous years! The landing page is organized by month.

3. The Massive Guide to Homeschool Reading Lists

This is probably my #1 favorite linkup project in our 5 year history. When I say that this list is massive, I mean massive. With so many resources available (online, in everyday chatter among homeschooling families, internet searches, Pinterest and chat groups) it can be hard to narrow down to what works versus what doesn’t. That’s why we wanted to bring you our favorite reading lists for homeschoolers. We’ve gathered our top reading lists, sorted them by relevant categories and organized them alphabetically.

4. The Hopscotch

The Hopscotch is the premiere homeschooling blog hop, the first of its kind in the homeschooling community. Each blogger chooses a topic and writes on that subject every day for five days in a row. We host this twice per year, so our landing page displays a VAST collection of past Hopscotches. You’ll find topics ranging from designing learning spaces, tot and preschool ideas, notebooking and unit study 101, Shakespeare, entomology, clever DIY hacks, superhero parenting, learning with Minecraft, creating the perfect planner, African history for kids, activities from the Wizard of OZ and much more! Homeschooling activities and advice galore!

5. Tips on Answering the Homeschool Critics

This page has become one of our most popular over the years. Although homeschooling is becoming more mainstream, there are plenty of people who have honest questions and even vehement criticisms of this educational choice. What do you do when faced with a homeschool critic? Do you change the subject, begin arguing, or try to gently reason with the critic? The bloggers of iHomeschool Network prefer to blog their responses to opposition. Here are their sensible answers to the many criticisms they have faced in their own decision to homeschool.

6. Tips on Homeschooling and the S-Word (Socialization)

Tell someone that you homeschool, and the first question that you get is probably about the s-word– socialization. How will your children be socialized? How will they make friends? How will they learn to cope in a world of so many people if you keep them locked away at home all day without a classroom of 24 other peers? Well, the bloggers of iHomeschool Network have a lot of experience with answering these questions. Sometimes we answer with grace and patience. Other times we may respond with a bit of humor, sarcasm, or even snark. Whatever flavor you want, you will find it here in these posts that address the socialization issue. Or non-issue as the case may be.

7. Print-a-Palooza

Print-a-Palooza is an ongoing linkup extravaganza to wear out your printer. We recommend that you stock up on paper and print toner or ink before you click over. You find a nicely organized page of FREE downloads for:

  • household organization (housekeeping, cooking, storage, etc)
  • homeschool organization (curriculum, lesson plans, field trips, etc)
  • language arts
  • fine arts
  • personal organization (blogging, devotions, family, etc)
  • math
  • Christmas
  • history and geography
  • science
  • birthdays (invites, banners, cards, thank yous, wrappers, etc)

8. A Book and a Big Idea

Everyone loves picture books! Those of you with little ones have the privilege of reading these delightful gems every day. Those of you with older children might see him or her tiptoe in the room to quietly listen as you read to your younger ones. And some of you may be blessed to witness, out of the corner of your eye, an older child taking another peek at a long forgotten picture book on the shelf. These seasonal page are in honor of our love for picture books, no matter how old our children are. A Book and a Big Idea shares a treasured picture book and one or more activities to enrich the story. The Big Idea may be a craft, a recipe, a printable, anything goes!

9. The Omnibus

Every year, we host the Omnibus sale. The Omnibus is a once-per-year, short term sale that gives you a digital stockpile of resources from your favorite authors and bloggers for only $25. This year’s sale will take place at the end of next month, and we are still finalizing the list, so we can’t reveal the contents yet. But be sure to sign up for notifications.

10. Books Written by Homeschoolers for Homeschoolers

iHN is composed of roughly 130 bloggers who are some of the most fantastic ladies on the planet. Not only are they very loving moms and talented writers, they are also very generous with their time and knowledge. We love helping others with our collective knowledge and to date, we have published five collaborative books. 3 about homeschooling and 2 about blogging.

  • Homeschooling: What to Do When You Want to Quit. Over 250 pages of uplifting, but not sugar coated, practical help for 56 different reasons you might want to quit homeschooling. This guide addresses nearly every potential frustration point that a homeschool mom may face.
  • How We Teach: the real lives of homeschoolers from classical to unschooling and everything in between. We asked each contributor to choose a homeschool method, a subject, and an age range, and then write about how exactly they teach in their own unique way. You’ll be astonished to see that homeschooling is definitely not one size fits all.
  • The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas: 55 Moms Share Their Expertise on 103 Topics. Wouldn’t it be great to have a resource you could turn to when you have a question in your homeschool? But we go beyond the basics of academics and delve into delightful methods like active learning, learning with video games, using LEGO bricks for learning, teaching on the road, learning with movies, and gardening. The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas talks about all kinds of children: boys, only children, twins, teenage girls, and perfectionists. There are chapters about special needs such as giftedness, bipolar disorder, dyslexia, and sensory issues.
  • iBlog: everything you need to know about blogging. Once upon a time, there was a blogger. She sat alone in her living room, pouring out her heart, not knowing if anyone would read her words. Those days are gone. Bloggers are no longer alone. They no longer write to empty screens. Bloggers are a community. iBlog is your owner’s manual for blogging: created by bloggers for bloggers We know how important blogging is to you because it’s important to us. Your copy of iBlog is like a ticket giving you access to pick the brains of 30 influential and successful bloggers.
  • iBlog Pro: taking your blog to the next level. You’ve got a blog. You’ve read the first iBlog. You’re writing and writing and…writing. You’re not even sure you like writing any more (if you ever did!) You’re putting your life out there, and it feels great. But maybe, just maybe, you’re feeling the pull toward something MORE. Maybe you’d like your blog to generate enough income to cover its costs. Maybe you have a great idea for a product to offer, but aren’t sure how to bring it to market. Maybe you’ve released an eBook in the past year, but sales have dropped off. Maybe you’re making solid income through your blog, and are starting to worry about what happens at tax time. And maybe you just need a fresh burst of inspiration to shake loose some new ideas and get them out of your head and onto your blog.


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