I found the blog posts supplied by the iHomeschool Network presented a diversified range of age groups that were very engaged with our products. The authenticity of the experiences and the creative ideas generated by the bloggers when using our product spurred ideas within our marketing department on how to improve our presentation of educational products to homeschoolers. We’re also taking into consideration comments on what worked well, what didn’t, and why to help us improve future products. The buzz created by the social media coverage of the bloggers definitely increased our website traffic. The discount and giveaway we offered their readers also increased the momentum of the campaign. I will definitely work with iHN on future projects and highly recommend them to anyone looking to reach the homeschool audience.

Angela Williams

Consumer Marketing, Dover Publications, Inc.

Our Instagram activity increased exponentially after the Instagram Challenge hosted by iHomeschool Network. It’s fun to be see a photo of a student completing one our science experiments in real time via an Instagram photo, and the back and forth conversation through comments is rewarding. Our problem after the challenge is finding time to be active on Instagram and maintain the momentum that the challenge created.

I was very pleased with the interactions and responses during this event and intend to plan another one in the future.

Michelle Eichhorn

Director of Marketing & Events, Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc.

The owners and bloggers of iHomeschool Network have their ears to the ground when it comes to blogging and social media marketing. Over the years, my business has invested in a variety of marketing campaigns. iHomeschool Network’s unique and tailored marketing approach brought us quality, targeted results. I highly recommend this team to any publisher looking to connect with the homeschool community. If you want to build your reputation, gain quality traffic and new customers, or just get your feet wet with social marketing, the iHN team will work with you and for you to make it happen. So far, we have worked with iHN via social parties, networking with their bloggers, and on blog hops. I look forward to future blog blitzes and other events and highly recommend their services.

Debra Reed

Owner and Publisher, NotebookingPages.com

Marketing for Businesses

iHomeschool Network exists to connect the very best homeschool bloggers with relevant companies in mutually beneficial projects. Bloggers receive products and compensation. Companies receive exposure for their brands through access to the bloggers’ loyal communities. Keep reading to see what we offer through product reviews, sponsored content, social media events, and special projects. Then view our article base for marketing helps.

iHomeschool Network provided a fantastic program for us to get the word out about our digital world language programs for homeschool families. The variety of word-of-mouth opportunities including a Twitter Party and Google Hangout generated enthusiasm about world languages. We particularly liked the review campaign in which 20 homeschool moms used our courses, wrote reviews, and shared their children’s learning on social media. These reviews were complete with extensive and specific feedback as well as, my favorite, videos of their children using our courses! This type of organic outreach has had a tremendous impact on our homeschool business. We can’t thank Jimmie, Amy, and iHomeschool Network enough!

Erin McCormick

Director, Marketing & Communications, Middlebury Interactive Languages

What iHomeschool Network Can Do for Companies

iHomeschool Network chooses to cooperate with companies that have quality products and services, delivered with integrity and excellence. Preference is given to homeschool related businesses such as vendors of curriculum, books, and educational games. But other businesses relevant to stay at home mothers are welcome such as homemaking and fashion. iHomeschool companies are willing to make financial investments into social media and online marketing campaigns because they realize that quality bloggers with the most influence online deserve to be compensated for their time and for allowing access to their audience.

I am completely blown away by the quality of all of these posts. As we’ve never tried anything like this before, I didn’t know what to expect. I am so pleased with the quality of the writing, the photos, the layouts and the care and creativity that so obviously went into each of these blog posts. I’m delighted to have found iHN and cannot wait to work with you all again.

Kathleen Rourke

Executive Director of Educational Sales and Marketing, Candlewick Press

These are all absolutely amazing reviews! Beautiful job! I love these reviews because they are written in “mom” language and are very friendly to read. We have definitely seen an uptick in business, and orders are continuing to flow in everyday.

Charles Paez

Owner, Insight to Learning

Homeschool Blog Review Campaigns

Our specialty at iHomeschool Network is creating blog posts that reach the homeschool audience. Therefore, our primary offering is the blog blitz – compensated product reviews or sponsored posts on a group of blogs (minimum 10), typically with a giveaway or other promotion such as a discount code.

Quality reviews on blogs with influence are worth paying for. iHomeschool Network receives an administrative fee for arranging the logistics of the projects, but the individual bloggers are also paid for their participation. Using a product several times, taking photographs of it, and writing an in-depth review can take hours to days. Our search engine optimized reviews will include Pinterest-friendly photos, possibly videos, and specific, detailed text written in each blogger’s individual voice.

Along with the reviews there will be promotion of those posts by the individual bloggers via their social networking channels (Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.). The bloggers who are chosen to represent your product or service apply for the job. Reviews are never assigned. That means they are genuinely interested in you, and better yet, their readers are too.

Other Services

Services can be chosen singly as onetime events, bundled in sets of multiple events, or planned for long-term cooperation over the course of several months.

1. Dedicated Twitter parties – 1 hour long party for a single company

2. Group Twitter or Facebook parties – 1 hour long party for 4 complimentary, but non-competing companies

3. Instagram Photo Challenges – 7 or 14 day projects

4. Affiliates – recruiting affiliates and finding an affiliate manager

5. Enlisting specialists – please see our lists of social media managers, graphic artists/web designers, consultants, and speakers for our members who offer these services.

As a consultant, my job is to bring the best ideas and teams to my clients. The team at iHN consummate professionals. They really know their market and how to provide top of the line service. They have repeatedly matched my clients with the best bloggers to meet project needs, and the content received is stellar. The return on investment has exceeded expectations multifold. I highly recommend iHomeschool Network and refer them often.

Susan Gold

Executive, Susan Gold Consulting for Dawn Sign Press


Take a look at some of the great matches we have made between
bloggers and brands. Our network is diverse enough that we
can find the right fit for your company
.  You can rest assured
that the bloggers who partner with you don’t consider your product or
service just another review but a valuable resource that will be a
good fit both for their own family and for their loyal, online audience.


At iHomeschool Network, we aim to be excellent.
And our clients agree that we are! See what they have
to say about their experiences with blog post campaigns,
Twitter parties, Instagram challenges, and Google Hangouts
on Air in these customer testimonials collected in our over
three years of doing business to reach the homeschool audience.

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How to Find and Attract Homeschool Bloggers, free white paper from iHomeschool NetworkWe welcome you to browse our articles about reaching the homeschool niche through blogs and social media. Hiring experienced help to get these jobs done is recommended so that you are free to spend your time doing what you do best — creating products and serving your customers. But understanding the process behind what we do at iHN is important to make the most of your cooperation with us. So we encourage you to educate yourself with these guides. And if you choose the do-it-yourself route for social media, these articles should set you on the right path to making that happen for your business. These articles are also compiled on a single Pinterest board for your convenience.

Be sure to get our free white paper How to Find and Attract Homeschool Bloggers.

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Homeschool Reviews Don't Sell Your Product

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Homeschool Reviews Don't Sell Your Product

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