Marketing with a Google Plus Hangout on Air

The reach of a Google Plus Hangout on Air (iHomeschool Network)

When telling clients about our weekly G+ Hangouts on Air and the opportunity to be a featured guest, I keep getting the same question, “How many people come to the hangouts?”

I understand the inquiry. You want to know what your ROI is, right? That’s smart! But that’s not the question to ask at all. If you look only at who attends the live event, you will be scratching the surface of the reach of an iHomeschool Hangout.

A Hangout on Air (HoA) is a live event. And you can see any one of our event pages on G+ to quickly see how many people accepted the invitation. You can also assess the comments on the page to get a feel for how many people did attend the live event and interact.

But that is not the end of the story. Watch the video or keep reading.


G+ HoA are recorded straight to our YouTube channel. We then upload a custom image so it looks branded and themed when pinned on Pinterest. We tweak the title, description, and tags to optimize it for SEO. And here’s the beautiful part. That video is then very find-able by search engines.

You already know that YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google itself. Our HoA videos are powerful! They can

  • be found in Google search
  • be found in YouTube search
  • be embedded on any blog or site
  • be shared in social media
  • be pinned on Pinterest

for weeks, months, even years after the live event.

(Compare that list to a Facebook party after the fact. None of that is possible.)

For confirmation hear what Google employee Rico Farmer said, “The majority of views of your hangout are going to come after it.” (Please see minute 52:02 on this video.)

Take a look at our YouTube channel to see the views on our existing hangout videos.

Pinterest and Podcasts

But we don’t stop there. Besides pinning the event page and the YouTube video to Pinterest, we also convert the HoA into an audio podcast which is published by both iTunes and Stitcher. That podcast reaches an entirely new audience who either can’t attend the live event or prefer to listen instead of watching.

Those podcast episodes are available indefinitely. As new subscribers find our podcast, the HoA reaches new people even months after the live event.

There is truly no limit to the number of people an iHomeschool Hangout can reach. It is available in both video and audio format. It is available to consume on Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, iTunes, Stitcher, and our own site.

If you are seeking a long lasting, search engine friendly way to reach the homeschool market, consider G+ Hangouts on Air. Join us as a featured guest on the panel, or better, hold your own!

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