Homeschool When Your Child is Resistant | #ihsnet

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, despite your best efforts a child has a will that resists being taught. Which might leave you feeling as if you are constantly in a tug-of-war between knowing what is best for your child and their independent spirit. It’s a tough situation to be sure.

You aren’t without options. Maybe you have to change your pre-conceived idea of what learning is supposed to look like. Or, perhaps, you might want to learn how to take the child where they are and let active play become a learning experience. But being a homeschooling family affords you the opportunity to investigate a variety of methods, options, and learning styles, to find what might work best for your child. The best part is that if something isn’t working you are able to switch gears and try something different.

We’ve gathered ideas to help you homeschool your resistant child.

Ideas for Homeschooling Your Resistant Child