Surviving the Winter Blahs of Homeschool | @iHomeschoolNet | #ihsnet

As the season changes to winter, many of us experience changes as well…in mood, sleep patterns, energy, and even food cravings. For many people, these changes lead to seasonal depression. Whether you have slight or severe winter blues, these lists of suggestions and encouragements will be just the pick-me-ups you need this winter.

How can we get young minds to understand and retain science learning in a meaningful way? We think the answer is to ensure that children are having fun as they learn. Whether you’re a teacher, a homeschooling parent, a science camp leader or a seasoned science workshop presenter, we think you’ll find something at Educational Innovations, Inc. to fit your needs and budget. We look for science products that are unique, durable, scientifically rigorous–and FUN!

Every month, the Home Science Lab kit will contain 5-6 different experiments or activities that children can do on their own (or in some cases, with a little help from an adult “lab assistant”). All necessary components are included in the kits, along with a comprehensive Lab Book. We have designed our Lab Books to be fun as well as informative. They are written with a good deal of humor, and accompanied by zany illustrations that kids enjoy.

In the next few months, our Home Science Lab kits will cover these topics: Slime, Seaweed & Polymer Blobs, The Chemistry of Magic, Magnetic Field Fiesta, Caves, Crystals & Mineral Treasures, and Tabletop Fossil Safari.

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