Things Not to Say to a New Homeschooler | iHomeschool Network

Sometimes, people just do not know what to say. This couldn’t be more true than when a family makes the decision to become a homeschooling family. Often, family members, public school teachers, friends, or even strangers will give opinions rather than encouragement while seasoned homeschoolers will give advice that can be overwhelming. Today, we’re sharing our top things not to say to a new homeschooler.

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Thank you to this week’s sponsor, Your Story Hour, the home of Aunt Carole and Uncle Dan and their inspiring dramatized stories. Established in 1949, Your Story Hour believes that children are an invaluable and precious component of families, communities and nations.  In today’s world, right role models portraying beneficial decision making strategies are scarce.  Children can be inspired to make sound choices by exposure to dramatized stories evidencing the positive results of developing character traits such as honesty, integrity, courage and faith.  Your Story Hour exists to provide children with this exposure.