100 Things a cache of homeschooling and family treasures | iHomeschoolNetwork.com #ihsnet

It’s time again for our annual 100 Things. It’s a treasure trove of information, tips, tricks, hacks, and how tos for busy, dedicated homeschooling moms. But we don’t just stick with 100 things for homeschooling. We dive into all aspects of the homeschool life.

In this 100 Things list you’ll discover…

100 Things for Homeschooling

▬ General Things for Homeschool Learning Ideas

▬ Subject Specific Things

▬ History & Geography

▬ Science & STEM

▬ Outside the Box Learning Ideas

▬ Gifted & Special Needs Learning

▬ Music & The Arts

▬Level Specific Things

▬ Pre-School-Kindergarten

▬ Middle & High School

▬ Homeschool Co-ops & Group Activities

▬ Book Lists

▬ Seasonal Learning


100 Things for the Family & Home

▬ Support for Moms

▬ Homemaking & Organization

▬ Family & Marriage Ideas

▬ Meal Planning & Cooking

▬ Spiritual Minded & Self-Care

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