101 Reasons to Consider

There are reasons for just about everything. Sometimes those reasons are unique to each person and other times the reason stems from a universal need, desire, or commonality.

Often we see the world through our own lenses without considering the perspective of others. Sometimes, when you do see another person’s reasons for doing something, experiencing something, or buying something, we discover what we obviously should have been doing all along.

Today our group of homeschool mom bloggers are sharing with you 101 Reasons… they’ll fill in the blank. It could be 101 reasons to do something, read something, or to experience something. Then again, it could just be 101 Reasons to consider something.

That’s what we are inviting you to do… consider these 101 Reasons.

O.K. We want to know! Which post above inspired you to try something new? Tell us in the comments below.

While you are here, be sure to see our 101 Reasons – 2017 Edition.

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