You never quite know why starting a new tradition, reading a certain author, or being a fan of a certain geek show is important until you join in the fun yourself. Once you’re given a reason, it can seem as if it’s the best, the right choice. For instance, someone, somewhere, explained to you the reasons why homeschooling might be the right choice for your family. After thought, and consideration, you came to see that those reasons made sense and thus, you began homeschooling.

There are reasons for so many things in life. From what books to read, to what sports to play, reasons are what prompt us to step out of or stick with what we know to establish what we like or don’t like about a thing. Reasons, give us the power to think and form judgments for how we choose to live our own lives, with our own families.

We’ve teamed up to share with you, our reasons for doing these things. Some of these things might seem silly and nonsensical to you, while others might seem quite logical and doable for your own family. You never know… you might just discover your next favorite thing by considering these 101 Reasons.

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