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Yes! It’s a 5-Day Hopscotch!

That means the participating iHomeschool Network bloggers will be sharing 5 days worth of a topical idea with you. In this hopscotch, we’re sharing our best ideas for education, homemaking, parenting and more. Join us all week long, August  7-11 for another hopscotch round of posts for homeschooling and family, activities, advice, and much much more!

Here’s how this fun hopscotch works. You hop from blog to blog as you discover a variety of topics. Choose which topics you want to read, hop over to the post.Then each day for the week, each of the bloggers will add another link to their topic allowing you to hop through the week with them.

Are you ready to join in the fun? Grab a glass of iced tea, and get ready to spend some time hopping. You might want to leave this window open so you can hop back for your next hopscotching adventure.

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