8th Annual Back to Homeschool Blog Hop

Now in its eighth year, the iHomeschool Network Back to Homeschool Blog Hop will begin the first Monday in September.

Anyone can link up with this blog hop and the more the merrier!

Learn what others are using. Share your plans. See what works, or what doesn’t, for others. Share your photos. It’s a Back-to-School blog hop for homeschoolers, afterschoolers, preschoolers, carschoolers, anyone – anyone at all – who teaches at home and wants to share or needs a little encouragement. Meet new bloggers, get to know homeschoolers near you and nowhere near you.

First week in September

It’s a curriculum hop. Share your well-researched plans on your post. Show us what you love. Four math curriculums later… you decided on?? (Link will go live on September 5)

Second week in September

It’s a school room hop. Tell us about your “school room”. This can be a dedicated space, or what you’ve made work. Post photos, storage ideas, comfy chairs. Your garage? Or dining room table? An actual school house? Show us where you school! (Link will go live on September 12)

Third week in September

It’s a “not back to school photo” hop. This week we want to see your homeschool through the eyes of your children. Give your children the camera and ask them to document their day by snapping photos of anything that shows what it is like to be a homeschooler. (Link will go live on September 19)

Fourth week in September

Day in the life. Do you rise at dawn, say the pledge of allegiance, sit at desks, have recess? Do you school year round or do nature hikes? Or do you start well-caffeinated and hide in the bathroom for your own recess? Tell us about a typical (or not so typical) day in the life of your homeschool. (Link will go live on September 26)

Here is your chance to show off your planning, or make yourself accountable or simply just show your student’s or students’ smiling faces. Can’t wait to see a glimpse into what makes homeschool successful for you all.

Happy Not Back-to-School to you all!

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