Top 10 Tunes to Get You in the Back-to-School Groove!

Top 10 Tunes to Get You in the Back-to-School Groove!

Well it’s the back-to-school season for many families – homeschooling or not – and I don’t know about you, but my feeds have been burning up with planning and organizing and curriculum-related posts. It’s like that every year at this time, right?

But here’s one that you won’t see much of: the effect that music might will have on your day! Because it just doesn’t matter how much you plan or organize or buy – if our hearts and minds are in the wrong place, it’s all for naught.

Through both scientific studies and personal experience, music has been shown to have a lasting effect on our memories and emotions, and if you were a fly on the wall in our homeschool, you would hear it running in the background most of the day.

Here are our personal favorites that are often playing during breakfast or lunch, keeping our attitudes positive. You may have different ones, and that’s fine.

The key is to harness the power of music to help you all get in a groove for growth and learning – all year long!

Top 10 Tunes for Back-to-School Energy

Day One – Matthew West

Let’s start here: today IS “Day One” – whether it’s your first day back or #180! It helps if we look at each new day as a clean slate…or clean page of notebook paper (whatever floats your boat) and DIVE IN!

Happy – Pharrell Willimas

OK, this song is oh-so-silly, but really, sometimes it takes something silly to change our ‘tude, don’tcha think? Plus,   it usually brings a smile to my kids’ faces to see me singing and dancing around the kitchen, and all of that makes it all worthwhile.

Good to Be Alive – Andy Grammar

Of course, you won’t want to get your theology from this song, and maybe you don’t get to drive a Lamborghini, either, but helping your kids find something that makes them feel good to be alive is a great life skill, and will help you all have a terrific year!!

Brand New – Ben Rector

My 15-yr old son introduced me to this song, and I love the enthusiasm found both in the tune and in his eyes when he shared it with me! I always sing this to my kids when it’s playing, and I love how their eyes light up, or (in the case of my teen boys) how they try to hide a sly smile when they hear that being together with them makes ME feel “Brand New”!

Looking Up – SafetySuit

This song demonstrates just how important our attitudes are! C’mon, say it with me: “I’m feelin’ so fine!”

Get Back Up – Toby Mac

A fun song with a message to get YOU back up again! Just a reminder that even though this year may still have troubles or challenges in store…we CAN get through them…

On Top of The World – Imagine Dragons

This is a pretty video and an upbeat song – sure to help YOU feel on top of the world!

Glow in The Dark – Jason Gray

No matter what’s going on, let His love radiate and make you glow! After all, “the more broke you are, the more light gets through!”

Keep Your Head Up – Andy Grammer

Remember: Things are gonna turn out fine.

Sing – PTX

The energy alone that PTX (Pentatonix) brings to their singing is enough to get your blood pumping! It’s kinda fascinating, too, that this is an acapella group.

Here’s wishing you the ability to sing your way through fun- and learning-filled days throughout the year!

Pat Fenner

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Attempting for many years to nail Jello to the wall, Pat Fenner has been managing to keep up with her brood of 5, celebrate her 20th year of homeschooling, maintain some sort of domestic order, and blog.

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