The Story Behind My Blog Name | iHomeschool Network #ihsnet

As the Bard said, What’s in a name?  As bloggers we all come to the work at different times and for different reasons. Generally, blogging starts with a name, a title, which directs the overall theme of a blog.

Choosing a blog name can be daunting to some or joyful for others. A blog name can be whimsical, or serious, business oriented or represenative of a family monaker. Whatever the reason the name of a blog is meaningful to the blogger. That’s why our homeschool bloggers are sharing the stories behind our blog names.

  1. Hmmmschooling, Not Homeschooling by Amy at The Hmmmschooling Mom
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  7. Starts At Eight: The Story Behind the Name by Heidi Ciravola from Starts At Eight
  8. The Story Behind Psychowith6 by Melanie at Psychowith6
  9. Why I Celebrate Everyday Graces by  Lara at Everyday Graces
  10. Why I Changed My Blog Name by Bonnie Way of the Koala Mom
  11. Why I’m Adventures in Mommydom by Ticia Messing from Adventures in Mommydom
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  13. Why Investing Love by Alicia at Investing Love
  14. Why Living Unabridged? Blog Advice by Karen at Living Unabridged
  15. Why We Are Such a Hodgepodge by Tricia Hodges of Hodgepodge