Christmas Around the World

Christmas in Scotland from Amy at Milk and Cookies

Christmas In Germany from Amy at Rock your Homeschool

Christmas in Ireland from Michelle at Homeschool Your Boys

Christmas in Puerto Rico from Marlene at A Diligent Heart

Christmas in Italy  from Emily at Table Life Blog

Christmas in Iceland from Ticia at Adventures in Mommydom

Christmas in Mexico from Ticia at Adventures in Mommydom

Christmas in France from Beth at Techie Homeschool Mom

Christmas in Bolivia from Tatiana at The Musings of Mum

Christmas in Indonesia from Adelien at Blessed Learners

Christmas in Canada from Sara at The Homeschool Post

Christmas in Brazil from Lesli at This Crazy Homeschool Life

Christmas in England by Sara Elizabeth at A Mama’s Story

Christmas in South Africa by Melanie of Wind in a Letterbox

Recommended resource:  Christmas Around the World Online Unit Study by Techie Homeschool Mom

  • Learn about 10 countries and their Christmas traditions
  • Christmas in Ghana, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Mexico, The Philippines, France, Australia, Russia
  • Project: Christmas Feast
  • Create hands-on and digital projects
  • Prepare an ethnic Christmas feast


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