Conference Sponsorship

Companies Seeking to Sponsor Bloggers to Attend Conferences

When sponsoring a blogger to attend a conference, you need to select someone who matches the vision of your company. Think about writing style, personality, blogging niche, and of course social influence.

There are different levels of sponsorship. You could be a full sponsor and pay for the ticket to the conference, travel, and lodging. Or a partial sponsor only pays a set dollar amount ($300-500).

In general, it costs around $800-1000 for a blogger to attend a conference (that includes airfare, lodging, and admission ticket).

If you are partially sponsoring a blogger, realize that she may need to gain a second sponsor to make up the lack, so her attention is divided between promoting two companies. iHomeschool Network therefore recommends investing in a full sponsorship of one well-matched blogger who can be totally focused on representing you.

iHomeschool Network will help you write a sponsorship agreement with the blogger that outlines clearly what you expect by way of blog posts, mentions, ad space, tweets, face to face interactions at the event, etc.

iHomeschool Network requests a 10% finder’s fee for successful sponsorship matches.