Answering the Homeschool Critics

Answering the Critics of Homeschooling; a link-up by @ihomeschoolnet

Although homeschooling is becoming more mainstream, there are plenty of people who have honest questions and even vehement criticisms of this educational choice. What do you do when faced with a homeschool critic? Do you change the subject, begin arguing, or try to gently reason with the critic?

The bloggers of iHomeschool Network prefer to blog their responses to opposition. Here are their sensible answers to the many criticisms they have faced in their own decision to homeschool. We post these, hoping that you will glean tips for how to answer those critics who really want to dialogue and that you will be encouraged in your choice. Despite the critics, you are not alone!


Answering the Critics of Homeschooling; a link-up by @ihomeschoolnet


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