Our Biggest Learning Resources: Movies and TV Shows

The cool thing about homeschooling is that any time can be “learning time,” right? I love learning from movies, and some lend themselves to homeschooling in a pretty overt way. But what about the less-obvious choices? Do you wonder how your child could possibly be getting anything out of the latest Marvel comics adaptation? What I’ve discovered is that any movie or TV show can give our family something to talk about and learn from when we’re watching and engaging together. It’s been so cool for us that I’m always trying to help other families see how to start these kinds of conversations in their own homes.

Ways To Learn at The Library

As homeschoolers the library is an oft utilized resource. But are you making the most of this resource? With a wealth of free materials, books, cd’s and even online learning options the possibilities are limitless. See how our homeschool bloggers are using the library with their families.