Fall is in the air! At least that’s what the calendar says. We know you love this season with back to school, pumpkin spice, autumn breezes and of course, our annual Fall Facebook Party!

Fabulous Fall Fun Facebook Party with iHomeschool Network #ihsnet #homeschoolparty #facebookparty

Fabulous Fall Fun Facebook Party Facts

Our Facebook party is a social media event where homeschool moms, dads, and friends gather to learn about fabulous homeschooling products and services. There will be discussions and ideas shared from party goers as well as the companies represented. Please feel free to join us and invite your friends! We all know that a party is more fun when friends join in.


September 20, 2018 – 9:00 P.M. Eastern


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Fabulous Fall Fun Facebook Party with iHomeschool Network #ihsnet #homeschoolparty #facebookparty

Our Featured Sponsors

Teaching Textbooks

Teachimg Textbooks Fabulous Fall Fun Facebook Party with iHomeschool Network #ihsnet #

Teaching Textbooks offers award winning math curriculum for homeschooling families. From Math 3 to Math 7 for elementary and middle school, through high school level pre-calculus their math system takes the fear out of teaching math at home. Their excited to announce their newest product, TT 3.0. This version is the same version of Teaching Textbook curriculum that has been so successful for many families. TT 3.0, however, is entirely digital. Learn more during the party, or you can visit Teaching Textbooks online for more information. 

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 ArtAchieve Online Art Lessons

Art Achieve Fabulous Fall Fun Facebook Party with iHomeschool Network #ihsnet #

ArtAchieve online art lessons for kids are online lessons which are inspired by art from around the world. These easy to access, and affordable art lessons allow parents and teachers who have no art background to offer exciting art classes for their students. Because of global inspiration these art lessons can eaisly accompany larger unit studies alongside your history, literature and geography lessons. Each of these lessons provide guided drawing instruction to make to insure success and promote creativity.

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Homeschool in the Woods Publishing

Homeschool in the Woods Fabulous Fall Fun Facebook Party with iHomeschool Network #ihsnet #

Home School in the Woods has everything from timelines, maps, lap books, and history studies. But they also offer more in-depth study options. For this party, Homeschool in the Woods is joining us to introduce their newest product; World History Study Project Passport: Ancient Rome which completes their Project Passport World History, which means the entire 5 part series is now available in bundle form, too! We know you won’t want to miss the party to find out all about this fantastic study. Or, visit them at the Home School in the Woods website.

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Heather Woodie at Blog, She Wrote

Blog, She Wrote Fabulous Fall Fun Facebook Party with iHomeschool Network #ihsnet #

Heather from Blog, She Wrote is one of the bloggers of the iHomeschool Network. Heather believes in an independent & authentic learning approach to homeschooling while keeping an eye out for the necessities to help students grow into successful adults. She offers a no-nonsense approach to developing a system that allows the student to flourish while also helping them to focus their efforts on their future goals. Heather is joining us to introduce her new courses for homeschooling parents. Homeschooling High School by Design and Homeschooling for College by Design e-courses will help you to craft and navigate successfully the homeschooling high school years. Discover these amazing courses at  Blog, She Wrote and be sure to tune in to the party to learn more about the courses. 

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Bright Ideas Press

Bright Ideas Press Fabulous Fall Fun Facebook Party with iHomeschool Network #ihsnet #

Bright Ideas Press is well known and loved in the homeschooling circles. Their history, geography, science and more have helped many homeschooling families teach their children at home. They consistently produce quality materials that work to enhance and all areas of home education. We’ll be discussing their humanities courses, A Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers and A Young Scholar’s Guide to Poetry at the party and know you’ll be thrilled to learn more about these great additions to any homeschooling experience.

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How to join the Back to Homeschool Facebook Party

It’s really easy to join the fun, but there are a couple of things you need to do before the party begins.

Make sure you have liked the iHomeschool Network Facebook page and are following to receive all notifications. On the widget below you will see LIKED if you are a fan already. If it says LIKE, simply click on the “Like” button on the widget.

  • To be sure you are receiving our notifications in your news feed, please also go to our Facebook Page, click the drop button beside the LIKED button and select Notifications All On so that you will see all the party related posts in your newsfeed. This way you won’t miss the questions being asked. (See the image below).

(Please note the party event page is a great place to ask questions, and stay informed BEFORE the party. However, the actual party takes place on the iHomeschool Network Facebook PAGE.)

  • On the night of the party, September 20, at 9 p.m. Eastern, simply watch your news feed for party prompts. Or, you can go to the iHomeschool Network Facebook Page and participate as prompts are posted.
  • You’ll need to refresh often so you don’t miss a thing, but don’t worry, we’ll remind you to do so.

Don’t miss out on this fabulous fall fun event! Bring a friend and be sure to attend to be eligible for exclusive discounts, freebies & prizes. It’s sure to be a FUN time.

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