10 Fun Indoor Games with Balloons

10 Fun Indoor Games with a Balloon

Having a few indoor games ready to pull out of your back pocket can be a lifesaver on a cold winter day. These ten fun indoor games will have you and your children laughing away the winter doldrums. All you need is a balloon and a few supplies you already have around your house to kick cabin fever out the door.

10 Indoor Games with a Balloon

Balloon Volleyball

This is one of our favorite indoor games. As soon as the days grow shorter and we can no longer play outside in the evenings, my girls are begging for a game of balloon volleyball. You can choose an imaginary boundary or setup a real one. Don’t be fooled, this game can work up quite a sweat once you get going!

Popcorn Pickup

The next time you receive a package with packing peanuts, learn about static electricity while playing this popcorn pickup game.

Balloon Tennis

Similar to balloon volleyball, you could use fly swatters, badminton rackets, or construct rackets to play balloon tennis. This indoor game not only allows your children to burn off extra energy, but works on coordination skills as well. To add a little variety, you could even do some tennis drills such as “bouncing” the balloon on the racket.

Balloon Cup Shooters

These balloon cup shooters will provides hours of entertainment. Print the target on the post and see who can score the most points. Or, see who can shoot the most ping pong balls or pom poms into a basket.

Balloon “H-O-R-S-E”

Remember the basketball game “H-O-R-S-E”? Why limit this game to basketball? Allow everyone to take turns making up a trick with a balloon such as hitting it three times in the air and then landing it in a laundry basket. Or, hopping across the room with the balloon between your knees and dropping it in a hula hoop without it falling out from between your knees. If you cannot complete the trick, you earn a letter. The first player to spell H-O-R-S-E loses.

Balloon Races

Have a race! Team up if you have four or more players. If you only have two or three players, take turns trying to beat the best time. Options for races include:

  • blowing the balloon across the room with your mouth, straw, or paper towel tube
  • hitting the balloon across the room with a broom or pool noodle
  • balance the balloon on your hand, one finger, or a spoon while racing across the room
  • race across the room while holding the balloon between two people at the waist or knees
  • hop across the room with the balloon between your knees
  • use static electricity to make the balloon stay on your hair while racing across the room

Balloon Hockey

Use pool noodles or make your own hockey sticks to hit the balloon into a goal. This indoor game does require a little more space, but would be perfect for a large living room or play area.

Balloon Skills

Build gross motor and coordination skills through one of these balloon skills activities.

  • Keep the balloon in the air using both hands or only one hand at a time.
  • Balance the balloon on your hand or a fly swatter while walking around the room.
  • Keep the balloon in the air by hitting it with your foot, knee, elbow, or head.
  • Hit the balloon up and turn in a circle before hitting it again.
  • Keep the balloon in the air by blowing it up.
  • Hit the balloon up. See how many times you can clap before hitting the balloon again.
  • Keep two balloons in the air at the same time.

Balloon Basketball

Place a laundry basket on either end of the room and see which team can score the most points by getting the balloon into the basket. Try playing the game different ways. These sound easy, but watch out since the other team is trying to steal the balloon. Options include:

  • hitting the balloon into the air across the room
  • carrying it on one finger
  • one hit per step
  • bounce the balloon off the floor

Balloon Catch

This balloon catch activity will have your family laughing their way around the room as they catch the balloon with a funnel. Add some variety and pretend to walk on a tightrope while balancing the balloon on the funnel.


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  1. Thank you for these creative and brilliant ideas for indoor balloon fun. I plan to turn this into a balloon olympics event. Great for rainy day indoor energy burner!

  2. Last year, due to covid restrictions, we played a lot of games at home with the children. We also played balloons, if I had seen the games here before, we could have tried them all.

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