Let's Celebrate Autumn with a Homeschool Facebook Party | #ihsnet #homeschool

Don’t you just love autumn? 

Whether it’s pumpkin spice latte at your local coffee shop or a nature walk in your local park autumn is a wonderful time to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy nature. But, it’s also a great time to gather with friends online for a homeschool Facebook party.

Homeschool Facebook Party Facts

Let's Celebrate Autumn with a Homeschool Facebook Party | #ihsnet #homeschool

What is a Homeschool Facebook Party?

It’s an online social gathering of homeschoolers from all over getting together on Facebook to chat about homeschooling and learn about products and services available to the homeschooling community. And it’s fun because our featured sponsors bring freebies and prizes to share with attendees.

Who Attends a Homeschool Facebook Party?

Homeschooling parents, friends, bloggers, and others who are interested in learning more about or contributing to homeschooling conversations.

  • You are invited to join iHomeschool Network and our featured sponsors.
  • You are welcome to invite your friends.

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When is the Homeschool Facebook Party?

  • Thursday, September 21, 2017
  • 8:30 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern, 7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain, 5:30 Pacific

Featured Sponsors:

Let's Celebrate Autumn with a Homeschool Facebook Party | #ihsnet #homeschool

Masterpiece Society

Want to inspire creativity, provide quality art appreciation lessons, and guide your children on an exploration of the masters? Then you need to check out Masterpiece Society. You’ll discover step-by-step mixed media art guides, art appreciation courses, and themed art challenges and so much more.

Masterpiece Society – Follow on Facebook.

Let's Celebrate Autumn with a Homeschool Facebook Party | #ihsnet #homeschool

Math Mammoth

Math Mammoth offers affordable, yet quality math work texts and workbooks for elementary and middle school (plus some supplemental materials for high school). Whether you are looking for a complete curriculum for home schooling, supplemental materials to fill in gaps, or material for homework help, Math Mammoth has something for you.

Math Mammoth – Like on Facebook

Let's Celebrate Autumn with a Homeschool Facebook Party | #ihsnet #homeschool

Everyday Graces

At Everyday Graces you’ll learn how to cultivate a life of learning, of loving, of kindness, of wisdom, with intention. Blogger, Lara, discusses motherhood, special needs education, STEM learning, and more. But, you’ll also find resources for Charlotte Mason homeschooling, copywork, and Shakespeare resources as well which can help you to round out your children’s homeschooling education.

Everyday Graces – Like on Facebook

Let's Celebrate Autumn with a Homeschool Facebook Party | #ihsnet #homeschool


Time4Learning is an award-winning, online education program for PreK-12th grade offering math, language arts, science, social studies, and more. The student-paced curriculum includes over 3,500 multimedia lessons, printable worksheets, and graded activities in an interactive environment that brings concepts to life.

Time4Learning – Like on Facebook

Let's Celebrate Autumn with a Homeschool Facebook Party | #ihsnet #homeschool

Techie Homeschool Mom

Techie Homeschool Mom is a place for moms who want to guide their home learners in this ever-evolving digital age. You’ll discover online unit studies and a guide to organizing your digital homeschool resources. But, you’ll also find encouragement and tips for how to utilize digital learning in your own homeschooling with healthy tech habits for the whole family.

Techie Homeschool Mom – Like on Facebook

Let's Celebrate Autumn with a Homeschool Facebook Party | #ihsnet #homeschool

Grace, Grow & Edify

Grace, Grow & Edify helps new and not-so-new homeschool parents get homeschooling right by teaching them the steps to creating highly engaged children through time management, organizational strategies, and education tailored to each child’s learning style so that the entire family can embrace the homeschool experience with ease.

Grace, Grow, & Edify – Like on Facebook

How to Join the Homeschool Facebook Party:

It’s really easy to join the fun, but there are a couple of things you need to do before the party begins.

Let's Celebrate Autumn with a Homeschool Facebook Party | #ihsnet #homeschool

Make sure you have liked the iHomeschool Network Facebook page and are following to receive all notifications. On the widget below you will see LIKED if you are a fan already. If it says LIKE, simply click on the “Like” button on the widget.

  • To be sure you are receiving our notifications in your news feed, please also go to our Facebook Page, click the drop button beside the LIKED button and select Notifications All On so that you will see all the party related posts in your newsfeed. This way you won’t miss the questions being asked. (See the image below).

iHomeschool Network Facebook Party | #iHSNet

  • On the night of the party, September 21, at 8:30 p.m. Eastern, simply watch your newsfeed for party prompts. Or, you can go to the iHomeschool Network Facebook Page and participate as prompts are posted.
  • You’ll need to refresh often so you don’t miss a thing, but don’t worry, we’ll remind you to do so.

Join us as we celebrate autumn with a homeschool party full of chat, freebies, and prizes! It’s sure to be a FUN time, but it will be even more fun when you share the experience. Be sure to tell your friends so they can join the party too!

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