End of the Year Homeschool Facebook Party – 2017

End of the Year Homeschool Facebook Party | iHomeschool Network #ihsnet

Woot – It’s May! 

For most homeschooling families, May means that the school year is coming to a close. While some of us continue to homeschool through summer, most of us take off at least a few weeks before gearing back up for the next schooling season.

Whatever the case may be for you, it’s a time of celebration! Your kids did it! And so did you! A homeschooling year is behind you, and you and your children have accomplished so much! Your perseverance and hard work are worthy of a celebration.

Which is why we’re having a Facebook Party to celebrate our End of the Homeschool Year. To celebrate, we’ll be chatting about homeschool products for summer learning or for next fall, and of course, we’ll have giveaways!


End of the Year Facebook Party Facts

End of the Year Homeschool Facebook Party | iHomeschool Network #ihsnet

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End of the Year Homeschool Facebook Party featuring @Mobicip | iHomeschool Network #ihsnet

Keeping your family safe online has never been more important. With more and more homeschooling classes being offered via the web, our children are even more engaged with their computers, tablets, and cell phones than ever before. With Mobicip you can setup parental controls on all of your family’s devices to ensure safe browsing for everyone. Setup and enable Mobicip on your family’s mobile devices and computers. Then remotely manage your settings, monitor internet and app usage from an easy web-based dashboard. Now through the party you can get 25% off pricing.

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Unlock Math 

End of the Year Homeschool Facebook Party featuring @UnlockMath | iHomeschool Network #ihsnet

Math is one of those subjects that gives so many of us worry. But with UnLock Math you can be sure that you are providing your children with quality, middle & high school math instruction through interactive videos and lessons. Unlock Math, known for their online math learning starting with pre-algebra, is joining us to introduce their newest course  — geometry.  UnLock Math breaks math into engaging, bite-sized lessons through video instruction. You also are given access, as a teacher, to grades and progress reports.

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Elephant Learning 

End of the Year Homeschool Facebook Party featuring @ElephantLearning| iHomeschool Network #ihsnet

When played at the right level, math is challenging and fun, like sudoku. Elephant Learning’s adaptive curriculum technology determines the right activities for your child and presents them to your child at the correct time. The result is that your child is never frustrated and never bored. Designed by experts in early education, Elephant Learning is filled with math games for children ages 2-8.

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Jaffrey Clark – Author

End of the Year Homeschool Facebook Party featuring @JaffreyClark | iHomeschool Network #ihsnet

Jaffrey Clark is a homeschool grad turned multi-genre author. Jaffrey’s ultimate writing goal is to produce edifying, thought-provoking fiction with a redemptive focus.  He’s joining us to introduce to homeschoolers his 3 book series, The Reaper’s Seed.

  • The Reaper’s Seed: The Sword & the Promise Volume 1;
  • The Reaper’s Seed: Into the West, Vol. 2.,
  • The Reaper’s Seed: Where Eagles Fly

He understands that storytelling is a great way for children of all ages to learn. He writes in a way which spans genres from fantasy to thriller, a mystery to adventure his stories evoke a feeling similar to Lewis’ Narnia Chronicles, or Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series.

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How to Join the End of the Year Facebook Party:

It’s really easy to join the fun, but there are a couple of things you need to do before the party begins.

Make sure you have liked the iHomeschool Network Facebook page and are following to receive all notifications. On the widget below you will see LIKED if you are a fan already. If it says LIKE, simply click on the “Like” button on the widget.

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iHomeschool Network Facebook Party | #iHSNet

  • You may RSVP to the party on the Homeschool Facebook Event Page.
    Simply go to the party page, and click Going. We will share regular reminders and updates leading up to the event.

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  • On the night of the party, May 18, at 9 p.m. Eastern, simply watch your newsfeed for party prompts. Or, you can go to the iHomeschool Network Facebook Page and participate as prompts are posted.
  • You’ll need to refresh often so you don’t miss a thing, but don’t worry, we’ll remind you to do so.

Don’t miss out on this End of the Year Homeschool Facebook Party Event! It’s sure to be a FUN time, but it will be even more fun when you share the experience. Be sure to tell your friends so they can join the party too!

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