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It’s always fun to learn about other cultures and how they affect the global society. It’s exciting to watch a child imagine what it would be like to live on some remote island in the Pacific, or travel to Siberia, or climb Mt. Everest.

Geography is a subject that is more than just line drawings of maps, or lists of countries, it’s about learning what experiences might be like in other locations in the world in which we live. Whether they are exploring the world virtually through online apps, or through the pages of texts, studying geography opens a child’s mind to possibilities that lie outside the scope of their own communities and offers them a chance to explore places that might inspire them in some way.

We’ve pulled together this homeschool geography resource guide to help you discover how you can teach geography in your own homeschool.

Teaching Geography Tips & Resources

Hands-on Geography

Geography & Literature

Geography Lapbooks, Notebooking and Unit Studies




North America

South America


Geography & Maps

Geography Printables 

STEM Geography

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