Homeschool History With Netflix

There is something special about video that helps bring a subject to life. That’s why I love to use video streaming services, like Netflix, as a supplemental resource in our curriculum. It’s super helpful to have such a wealth of educational entertainment at my fingertips.

Admittedly, there can be a stigma attached to using video. As parents, we’re often warned about the danger of too much screen time. However, I feel that with moderation and supervision screen time can be an asset in our homeschools.

Homeschool History With Netflix

When children feel connected to a subject matter it’s more easily absorbed. Video helps keep the attention and focus of visual and auditory learners. And the sounds, movements, and visuals can bring a topic to life like no other medium.

Especially history! Netflix has great history options for most ages no matter what era of history you’re studying. We often do homeschool history with Netflix.

(disclaimer: parents, be sure to pre-screen videos and use your best judgement to decide what videos are appropriate for your individual children)



What would you add to this list? Is there a series or documentary that helped your children absorb a history subject? It’s important for learning to be fun, especially in the primary grades. And “edutainment” shows like Mr. Peabody and Sherman really helped to build an overarching foundational awareness of historical subjects without much work and NO complaining. Score!

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Cheryl is a happy wife, mother of four children and a grandma. She has been homeschooling since 2001. Cheryl is the proud founder of the 2:1 Conference. 2:1 is an annual event for bloggers who love Jesus and homeschool their children - it's known for being a welcoming and business-bolstering experience.

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