Homeschool Math Programs to Help you to Build a Strong Foundation

We’ve gathered a resource list of homeschool math programs that can be beneficial to you all along the homeschooling road to math success.

Homeschool math is perhaps one of the most talked about curricula among homeschooling moms. That’s because it can be one of the most difficult subjects to teach. Each type of curricula offers a different approach and incorporates different methods. From the traditional to the spiral method and from hands-on manipulative tools to mastery of skills teaching math in homeschool can be a bit overwhelming.

Homeschool Math Programs to Help you to Build a Strong Foundation

Sometimes, we want simple. While homeschool moms want a good, strong, curricula helping to ensure that children have a good foundation in understanding mathematics the reality is, sometimes we also want a simple way to ensure that children are building their skill and knowledge. Other times we want to ensure that our kids know their math facts without feeling like a drill sergeant during the process.

Online math programs can serve as a complete curriculum and is a great way to outsource math learning while allowing students to learn in the home. It eases the burden of mom, or dad, by allowing children to learn from online videos, or through live classes. This means that another teacher explains the lessons while students then do work to learn and practice the skills being taught. For live classes the students may submit work for review by the teacher, while video classes may have practice programming which guides the student through the material.

Supplemental math programs can also be of great value to both the parent and the student. A supplemental online math program can allow students to learn in a more passive way. Removing preconceptions, and set requirements, from the educational equation can in fact make for a fun learning experience. Whether it be through game play, or animated examples, allowing your student to utilize supplemental online math programs in addition to your homeschool math curriculum can take the worry away from moms and the frustration away from kids allowing for more natural learning to occur.

But having a core math curriculum also has it’s benefits. Having an all encompassing program that we can be sure teaches all the necessary foundations for math can ease the mind knowing we are building our kids for future classes, especially those they may need in college.

Starting with elementary math all the way through high school math we want to help you sort through the homeschool math programs to help you find just the right option meet your unique situation.

Homeschool Math Programs

Elementary Math

Math for Middle School

High School Math

Math for Special Needs Learners

What are your favorite homeschool math programs? We’d love to hear what you are using. Just tell us in the comment section below. And be sure to check out our Massive Guide to Homeschool Math for even more great ideas for teaching math in your school.


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