Among the eighty bloggers of iHomeschool Network, there are hundreds of years of homeschool experience. These moms have planned more than their share of homeschool lessons, field trips, co-op activities, and yearly goals. In fact, they can plan just about anything related to homeschool.

And here is the evidence. Each link below is a comprehensive guide, teaching you how to plan a certain element of your homeschool. As you do your new year homeschool planning, we have you covered. Grab your highlighters and planning notebook as you take notes from this Homeschool Planning Link-up.

Planning Busy Activities for Toddlers During Homeschool by Tabitha
How to Plan a Homeschool When Your Family Has Suddenly Grown Large by Kendra
Homeschool Planning with the use of Technology by Tiffany
How to Plan Artist Study for a Semester by Jimmie
Multiple Ages: How to Plan a Group Subject With One Text by Amber
Planning Homeschool for the Struggling Learner by Jennifer
How to Plan a Delight Directed Curriculum by Amy
How to Plan Individual Time with Multiple Ages at Habits for a Happy Home
How to Plan Art Appreciation for Home or Co-Op at The Curriculum Choice
How to Plan Simple Afternoon Art Projects by Tricia
How to Plan Your Own History Curriculum by Amanda
How to Plan for a Struggling Reader by Becky
Planning for Life After Homeschooling: Graduation and Beyond by Jasmine
Homeschool Planning for a Large Family by Judy
How to Plan a Unit Study by Cindy
How to Plan Using Themes for Tots and Preschoolers by Carisa
Planning Tapestry of Grace for the Lower Grammar Stage by Lauren
The Sidetracked Mom’s Guide to Planning Your Homeschool by Sarah
Tips for Planning Productive Homeschooling Sick Days by Dollie
How To Plan For High School by Laurie
Homeschooling Twins {The Planning Process} by Jenn

The bloggers of iHN have also created video content along the planning theme in these recordings from our weekly hangouts.

Organizing Your Homeschool Room or Materials

Meal Planning for Homeschool

Creating a Homeschool Schedule or Routine

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