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Ten Ways for Homeschoolers to Start the New Year Off On the Right Foot

A New Year is a fresh breath of air. The hustle and bustle of the holidays are behind us. The New Year is a blank slate for new goals, dreams, and aspirations. For homeschooling moms, the New Year brings the possibilities of new lessons to learn, better organizational strategies, and new productive strategies. Here are ten ways for homeschoolers to start the New Year off on the right foot:

#1: Use your holiday break wisely.

Even if it is a short break, take some time to refresh.

  • During “school hours”, instead of lessons, read a book.
  • Take a bath.
  • Light a candle and just sit.

While I know some planning will need to happen, also plan in times of rest. This is one of the best ways to ensure a Happy New Year for all.

#2: Rethink Your Organizational Strategy

With a couple of months of homeschooling for the current year under your belt, think about some trouble areas you are experiencing.

Are the books everywhere? Do you need a more efficient filing system?

Come up with a better organizational strategy for the New Year. Not sure where to start? Find a course just for homeschoolers.

Kristi Clover has an amazing course called The Ultimate Homeschool Organization e-course.

See all the details here.


This course has so many ways to organize your homeschool that I know you can find some ideas that will work well for your family.

We recently started using a clipboard strategy for our daily work. Every night before school I spend time placing all of the work for the day on each child’s individual clipboard.It helps the kids to know what they need to get done and allows them to get started independently.

#3 Take some time to map out your strategy for the rest of the school year.

Have you not spent enough time on your most important aspects of homeschooling?

Pick two or three things that you did not get to spend time on the past year and find a way to incorporate it into your daily routine.

You will make time for what matters to you and your homeschool.

#4 Get on a consistent sleep schedule.

This is not the most fun aspect of the New Year, but staying on a consistent sleep schedule is critical to good health and good moods.

Over holiday break, sleep schedules will be off with holiday fun.

Making sure that kids get to sleep at a decent time before school days really makes a difference.

#5 Invest a little reading time just for you, mom.

A good homeschool read can help your homeschool start off on the right foot.

Feeding your brain and gaining inspiration just for you mom can give your homeschool a huge boost. Some of my absolute favorites:

#6 Evaluate Your Schedule

I am constantly tweaking our homeschool schedule.

This year we started doing rotations that worked really well for us.

Check out our rotations here.

Homeschool rotations that work

#7 Finish up grading and recording keeping from the first semester.

It just feels good to complete this task.

Once the grading is done and recorded, the new year can begin on a clean slate!

Block off some time to complete this task and pick a reward just for you when it is completed. A little incentive never hurts!!

#8 Grab a prayer calendar for praying over your homeschool.

I cannot think of a better way to start the New Year off on the right foot than a prayer plan.

I found this free printable from Bible Based Homeschooling.

Grab yours here.

31 Days of Praying Over Your Homeschool

#9 Come up with Goals.

Not the typical resolution type goals, but things that you want to see happen!

I have a printable parenting goals setting sheet right here.

Printable parenting goal sheets

Here is a My Goals Countdown to use from While He Was Napping.

Goals Countdown

#10 AND THE MOST IMPORTANT: Enjoy lots of family time.

Hugs, books, movies, snuggles, and encouragement should always start your new year off on the right foot.

Do not over schedule yourself.

Allow plenty of time for rest and just being together.

Armed with these ten ideas, I know your homeschool year will start off on the right foot. Blessings for a successful homeschool year. You have got this!

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