The Massive Guide for Homeschooling Math

The Massive Guide to Homeschooling Math | the Bloggers at @iHomeschoolNet #ihsnet

There are fewer words that instill more fear in a homeschool mom than the word, math, does. Unless you happen to be one of those moms that loves math, the idea of teaching math to our children can cause many a restless night. Even if you do happen to love math, that does not mean that your children will, or that they will have a natural affinity for it.

We’ve pulled together our best homeschooling math posts to help you find just what you need to successfully teach this subject in  your homeschools and help your students to be prepared for their adult lives, whether they are headed toward a college education, trade school, or simply their role as a wife, husband and parent.

We trust, that you are the best resource for your children. But, we also know that when necessary there are many options for outsourcing math, and we know that you can teach math in your homeschool, and your kids can learn what they need.

This month, April, is Math Aweness Month.
We thought, what better time to provide homeschoolers with a resource for all they need to teach/outsource math in their homeschools.

That’s why we’ve pulled together this Massive Guide for Homescooling Math


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Math by Level

Preschool – Kindergarten Math

Elementary Math

Middle School Math

High School Math

Math for Unique Situations

Math for Gifted Learners

Math for Special Needs

Math for Struggling Learners

Math Curriculum Reviews

How to Teach Homeschool Math

Math Activities & Games

Math by Method

Math Lapbooks, Notebooking, Unit Studies, & More

Math Manipulatives

Online Math Resources

Science & Math – STEM/STEAM

Teach Math by Reading Books

Tips for Teaching Math

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Melissa Droegemueller

As a person who loved tent camping as a child and young adult, I firmly believe every kid needs nature. When my kids were small, I made it a point to take them on nature walks as often as possible. We enjoyed long hikes in the woods. I wanted to instill a love of nature

Julie Polanco

All of the teaching methods that worked so well for me, were exactly the opposite of what my children needed. They needed hands-on activities!

Shawna Wingert

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  1. I don’t see any mention of RightStart on here ( which is too bad because it’s amazing! My kids have entirely different learning styles and likes but they both LOVE math and grasp the concepts. Asian style learning with Montessori methodolgy and lots of games…what’s not to love?!

  2. teaches you to guide your students to discover Math. Imagine, students who think for themselves! My dd is empowered in all of life because she recognizes how to think through the challenge. We love it!

  3. I love this compilation. I do mostly blended education with my homeschooling/Unschooling child. Love when I can fond all; the fun links in one place. Your hard work is much appreciated. Now I’m off to check our some links. 🙂

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