Homeschooling through the holidays can be difficult, or it can be a great way to have some fun and with all the holidays throughout the year you can easily make it fun. They can be a fun way to learn about new things and create your own educational and fun traditions. Homeschooling through holidays can be the perfect way to learn about art, history, and cultures from around your country and from around the world.

Homeschooling Through Spring and Summer Holidays

Homeschooling Through Spring and Summer Holidays

In the past we have done some of the following in homeschooling through holidays:

  • Decorate your home with traditional symbols and colors – make decorations
  • Make meals around a holiday theme – heart shaped food for Valentine’s Day
  • Read stories, poems, watch documentaries or movies
  • Study people and their customs and history of different holidays – Christmas traditions around the world is fun and interesting
  • Add some science to the holidays – Valentine’s Day to study hearts, Halloween to study night animals
  • Create your own mini-unit studies

However you choose to work the holidays into your homeschool remember to not add extra work or stress to your days or schedule. Remember you want to make it fun and educational, not just something else that you have to do.

Fun Holidays for Your Homeschool

There are a lot of traditional holidays but there are a lot of fun ones too that you may not have heard of too. I found a few fun ones that you may want to think about this year.

February 26th – Tell a Fairy Tale Day – Read some great books, put on a little play, watch a movie to go along with your fairy tale. Rock Your Homeschool has 10 Creative Ways to Celebrate that you may want to check out.

March 26th – Make up Your Own Holiday – Have some creative fun and make your holiday with unique decorations and traditions.

June 5th – World Environment Day – Make some craft / decorations from recycled materials, clean your yard or town.

July 20th – Moon Day – Learn all about the moon today. There are so really great resources on Pinterest such as this Moon Unit Study from Susan’s Homeschool Blog


How do you like to homeschool through the holidays?

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