The Effects of Copyright Infringement

Copyright Infringement: Who Does It Hurt?

Many people sincerely think that copyright infringement is a victimless crime. After all, nobody is getting hurt, right? The truth is that if something is a crime, there is a victim. Copyright infringement usually occurs in a way that makes it hard to visualize the real crime; the wrongdoing is not as obvious as walking up to someone and stealing a purse or a wallet. Nevertheless, the crime is real.

Behind every project is a creator and a purpose. The big companies that make the DVDs you buy at the store may seem safe from the effects of copyright theft, but those companies are made of regular-joe-kind-of-people like you and me—people who may get cut from the payroll if the company’s profits take a dive. Smaller companies and individuals will take a more direct hit.

Even products that are shared for free are released,  at least partially, for the purpose of building an audience, a reputation, or a client base. So when pirated items are passed around in groups that bypass the source, that source is losing, at the very least, the traffic from and interaction with their audience. Even worse, the creator of the freebie may be losing a livelihood.

So then, is copyright violation truly victimless?

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The bottom line is that it’s the law. Violating copyright is a crime, and even though we may never be caught or fined for our actions, the responsibility lies with us to do the right thing.

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