How it Works


How it Works for Companies

After negotiating a tailor-made marketing strategy, iHomeschool Network will broadcast the project to our pool of homeschool bloggers. The bloggers with a genuine interest in the product will submit their interest. Then from that group of  applicants, a blogger team will be selected.

As part of the marketing strategy plan, the company will agree to a tentative timeline assuring that the bloggers are given adequate time to use the products and create their posts.

Reviews are positive and always honest. If a blogger is so disappointed in a product that she cannot offer a positive review, she will decline the job rather than write a negative review. The company will receive private feedback from that blogger, and iHomeschool Network will, if at all possible, find a replacement blogger.

All communication related to the marketing strategies should be directed to the iHomeschool agents instead of to the bloggers involved in the project. iHN will handle all the details of the project for you.