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Homeschooling is a real challenge, and it’s natural that people consider all the potential obstacles to homeschooling before they make the commitment to educate at home. The bloggers of iHomeschool Network have once again joined forces to share their thoughts, this time discrediting the most commonly used reasons why a mom can’t homeschool.

In this link-up, you will see reasons that you’ve heard others give and probably a few that you have thought of yourself. The good news is that it is possible to overcome each of these objections to homeschooling and successfully teach your children at home. Please be encouraged that you are not alone in thinking you can’t homeschool. But you can!

I can’t homeschool because…My Child is in High School.

Jimmie at Jimmie’s Collage

I can’t homeschool because…I am a Single Mom.

Michelle at The Holistic Homeschooler

I can’t homeschool because…I need my “me” time.

Lara at Lara’s Place and a Cup of Grace

I can’t homeschool because…I Don’t Have Time.

Selena at Look, We’re Learning

I can’t homeschool because…I’m an Introvert.

Sallie at Sallie Borrink

I can’t homeschool because…I Have Too Many Kids.

Jennifer at Forever, For Always, No Matter What

I can’t homeschool because…I’m Not a Certified Teacher.

Jennifer at Jennifer A. Janes

I can’t homeschool because…I Have 4 Teenagers.

Judy at Contented at Home

I can’t homeschool because…I Hated Math And Science.

Marci at Homeschool Scientist

I can’t homeschool because…My Kids are in Middle School.

Megan at Education Possible

I can’t homeschool because…Your Homeschool Fears Addressed.

Lauren at Serving From Home

I can’t homeschool because…I Am Not Confident At All.

Adelien at Blessed Learners

I can’t homeschool because…I Work Outside the Home.

Dianna at Kennedy Adventures

I can’t homeschool because…I’m Afraid I Might Miss Something Important.

Amy at A Journey of Purpose

I Cant Homeschool Because

Post from 2013’s part one

I can’t homeschool because…I want my kids to play sports.

Sarah from Sidetracked Sarah

I can’t homeschool because…my child is dyslexic.

Marianne from Adundant Life

I can’t homeschool because…my family would disapprove.

Michelle from The Holistic Homeschooler

I can’t homeschool because…I don’t know a thing about great art.

Barb from Harmony Fine Arts

I can’t homeschool because…I am a work-at-home mom.

Jimmie from Jimmie’s Collage

I can’t homeschool because…I am not a good writer.

Lily from Fortuigence

I can’t homeschool because…I do not have the patience.

Mary from Homegrown Learners

I can’t homeschool because…I work full-time.

Heather from Upside Down Homeschooling

I can’t homeschool because…I’m not organized enough!

Kim from A Plan in Place

I can’t homeschool because…I am not very patient.

Heather from Cultivated Lives

I can’t homeschool because…of the little ones.

Tricia from Hodge Podge

I can’t homeschool because…I don’t have patience.

Maggie from Bright Ideas Press

I can’t homeschool because…my kids will be weird.

Jen from Forever, For Always, No Matter What

I can’t homeschool because…my child has special needs.

Jennifer from Jennifer A. Janes

I can’t homeschool because…I am unorganized.

Aadel from These Temporary Tents

I can’t homeschool because…I might kill my kids.

Terri from Knowledge Quest

I can’t homeschool because…we are a two income family.

Jennifer from Applecore

I can’t homeschool because…I am not qualified to teach high level subjects.

Jamie from The Unlikely Homeschool

I can’t homeschool because…I can’t teach high school.

Lynn from Founder’s Academy

I can’t homeschool because…I think school is boring.

Lisa from Chaos Appreciation

I can’t homeschool because…I need my space.

Ticia from Adventures in Mommydom

I can’t homeschool because…I wouldn’t have time for anything else.

Heidi from Home Schoolroom

I can’t homeschool because…I do not have a degree.

Erica from Confessions of a Homeschooler

I can’t homeschool because…I have twins.

Jenn from Mama Jenn

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  1. I have yet to read these. But seeing three Moms write about patience is AWESOME! I get that comment ALL THE TIME. “Oh I could never do that, because I DON’T HAVE THE PATIENCE.” I’ll mention this on my blog – worth it! I hope you’re able to sway parents who have thought about homeschooling and feel a conviction to pursue it but make excuses not to. Because that’s really what they are, excuses. The patience one for sure! Thank you Ladies! God bless you all. 🙂

  2. Yes all these may be excuses but what about those of us whom are single parents and want to homeschool but can not as we can not afford the extra daycare to work and do so. Makes it tough as not too many of us can juggle both. Homeschool families are asked but they refuse to pitch in so we are left with no alternate but to put in public or private schooling. If you have suggestions to help use single families, then please reply positively.

    1. Unfortunately our single mom homeschoolers did not join in this link-up. It is possible to homeschool as a single mom, but you are absolutely right. You need a lot of support to do so. We at iHN do not criticize moms who cannot homeschool. We know that there are situations that make homeschooling impossible. We just want to encourage those who desire to do so with the strength to follow that calling. There are people who use these “reasons” as excuses to cover their fear of doing a very hard thing. We want to blast through the fear with empowering truth and practical tools.

    1. I know moms who are single and homeschool. For some, the biggest struggle was getting the dad on board. SPRN (Single Parent Resource Network) has been helpful to my friends in meeting up and swapping kid watch.

  3. What about when your child has been going to school and doesn’t want to be away from other people? I know that there are co-ops and things like that, but the reality is that most of the time my child would be home. She is extroverted and really enjoys “going to school.”

    1. Jen that is a great question. My oldest is extroverted and she spends a lot of time on Skype with friends all over the world. They play games together. She plays with the neighbors, we schedule regular playdates. There are ways to fulfill that need to be around other people while homeschooling. 🙂

  4. I will need to share this list with my student teachers! I am always being asked what to say to others when asked various questions about homeschooling….this is GREAT! Thanks

  5. I am loving reading all of these!!! There is so much information out there!!! Does anyone out there have an only child that they homeschool? How has that been?

  6. The biggest excuse I get is about the idea of “socializing” their kids. Any chance someone could add this on here as well? My biggest arguments against this are: 1) school is not to teach socialization but to educate 2) there are a dozen ways to “socialize” your kids without public school (friends, family, sports, community activities, homeschool groups, and so much more) i would rather my children learn from adults than their peers. Why do you think homeschoolers are generally better at talking to adults and communicating properly like looking you in the eyes etc.
    anyway just a thought to add to this article.

  7. I really want to homeschool badly but I took my 8 yo son with autism out of school recently and he hits me. Likewise he is interfering with my three year old’s social life. I am trying to persist but I only have my husband to help. I want to homeschool both of my kids but my son is mean to me.

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