The Imperfect Homeschool, an honest look at the not-so-good days by the bloggers of iHomeschool Network

Homeschool bloggers can inspire you with their elaborate lesson plans, free printables, and teaching strategies. The link-ups at iHN are full of those kinds of posts.

But do you ever finish reading a post or looking at a Pinterest board feeling insecure about yourself in comparison? Do you ever wonder how everyone else seems to accomplish so much more than you? Do you sometimes feel you don’t measure up or are a failure as a homeschool mom?

No homeschool blogger wants you to feel defeated after reading her blog. To prove it to you, eighteen bloggers are coming out of the shadows to reveal the imperfections and even the disasters of their homeschool days. We want you to know what we do not have it all together despite the rosy perception you may see portrayed on our blogs.

Enjoy this peek into The Imperfect Homeschool.

About iHomeschool Network

iHomeschool Network is a group of around 170 bloggers who provide outstanding content in the homeschool niche.