Using Books to Teach Homeschool Math Skills

Reading is a great way to help teach or reinforce mathematical skills! While you may be wondering about the correlation between math and reading, I would first like to present the idea of a living math book. The Definition of a Living Math Book: I believe that a...

Nurturing Your Homeschool Reading Culture

Are you trying to build a reading culture in your home? This is definitely an area where homeschoolers have the opportunity to excel. Many homeschoolers already include reading aloud in their daily routine, use literature rich curriculum, and allow for a lot of free reading time. These are all great ways to communicate to our children the value we place on reading and books.

Summer Reading for Homeschool Teens

Summer is just around the corner, and if you’re like many moms, you may be wondering how to get the kids off of technology and into a book once in a while, right? This is my “how-to guide” for summer reading for teens.

5 Favorite Ways to Homeschool With LEGO®

I’m not sure we could successfully homeschool without LEGO® bricks. (I write this jokingly, but there is some element of truth to the statement.) LEGO® learning can take place across all subject areas, ages, and interest levels. LEGO® bricks will speak to a child when nothing else will, and sometimes they help make a break-through to understanding in a critical math or science concept.

May is Latino Book Month!

May, according to the Association of American Publishers, is Latino Book Month! I am a Latina. My mother’s side of the family is Hispanic (Puerto Rican by birth and culturally Cuban), and even though I’ve always been a voracious reader, I have to be honest that I’ve been a little short on books written by Latina authors. So the researcher in me got to researchin’…

Ideas for Celebrating D.E.A.R. Day (Drop Everything and Read)

Each year on April 12th, we celebrate a national day to honor reading. Even better, the whole month is often devoted to activities and events to encourage the love of reading in your children and within your family and circle of friends. The first D.E.A.R. Day was introduced in Beverly Cleary’s book Ramona Quimby, Age 8. The goal of the program is to make reading a regular part of everyone’s routine.

10 Books to Read as You Plan Your Homeschool Year

As the homeschool year begins to wrap up, homeschooling mothers’ thoughts turn to planning for next year. We take a look at what worked well, what needs to be changed, and what sort of subjects or activities you want to consider for the future. As you sit down and start to fill up your planner for next year, take a look at these books to help you plan and prepare a successful homeschool season.

Top Ten Writing Topics About Outer Space for Kids

Are you looking for fun and different writing topics for your kids? Try writing about space. Space gives kids room to dream and imagine. So encourage your children to use these ten space writing topics as launching points for reports or imaginative stories.

The Massive Guide to Homeschool Reading Lists

Sometimes it’s difficult to sort through all of the massive amounts of information to discover what is truly useful to our homeschooling children or our own selves. With so many resources available both online and in everyday chatter among homeschooling families, internet searches, Pinterest and chat groups it can be hard to narrow down to what works versus what doesn’t. That’s why we wanted to bring you our favorite reading lists for homeschoolers. We’ve gathered our top reading lists, sorted them by relevant categories and organized them alphabetically.

Setting Realistic Reading Goals for Yourself

Whether you are an avid bookworm or a reluctant reader, you probably have a list of books you want or need to read that is a mile long. It is easy to be overwhelmed when you look at the pile of books beside your bed or on your to-read list. Make this year the year you read more by setting realistic reading goals for yourself.

How to Make Grammar Lessons Stick

Most grammar curricula is repetitive. In fact, about half of the material taught each year is review. This repetition can inadvertently communicate to students that grammar isn’t something they have to remember. After all, they’ll be covering it again next year! If you want to make grammar lessons stick, you’ll want to adopt a new approach—regardless of the curriculum you’re using. I have three strategies for you.

Ten Homeschooling Books You Need to Read

Christmas break is either coming up, or is already here for many of us homeschoolers. So, Mom, be sure to take some time for yourself this month. What better way to treat yourself this Christmas than to buy yourself a new, inspiring book. As Ann said, reading homeschooling books can re-ignite your motivation and remind you of the big picture. Enjoy this list of ten fabulous homeschool books, written by iHomeschool bloggers. Each book listed is available in digital format, so once you purchase, you’ll be immediately ready to snuggle up with a hot mug of your favorite drink and get reading!

Top 10 Places to Read Aloud

In order to raise readers, you must expose your children to a variety of positive reading experiences early on and often. These early experiences will foster a natural love of the written word. Read aloud early. Read aloud often. Read aloud even when your children can read independently.