Things Homeschoolers Can Do at the Library

As homeschoolers we all know that the library is one of the best possible resources we can take advantage of. With free use of books, videos, periodicals, and a wide variety of other resources you can’t go wrong when optimizing what your public library system offers. Of course, what’s better than free to a homeschooling family?

Things Homeschoolers Can Do at the Library

We’re sharing our best tips for things to do at the library that perhaps you’ve never heard of or considered before. We’re going to tell you how to discover excellent educational resources, all for free, simply using the public resources that your library card affords.

15 Posts about Things Homeschoolers Can do at the Library

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  2. 10 Easy Ways to Use the Library in Your Homeschool by Shelly at There’s No Place Like Home
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  12. Life Skills: Using the Library – Dewey Decimal System from Heidi at Starts At Eight
  13. STEM Learning at My Public Library by Rebecca at Line upon Line Learning
  14. Top 10 Things to Do at the Library by Sara at Classically Homeschooling
  15. Why My Teenagers Love the Library! by Jen at Practical, By Default

What are your favorite library resources? We’d love for you to share what you’ve discovered while visiting the library with your kids.  Tell us your favorite things to do in the comments.

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