Marketing with a Twitter Party

Marketing with a Twitter Party

Twitter is an effective platform for inbound marketing – drawing your customer base in by offering valuable resources.

Some Twitter Facts

  • Twitter has over 100 million American users. (source)
  • Twitter users commonly reference Twitter for information about brands, products, and services. (source)
  • When asked how they decide who to follow, 69% of Twitter users responded “suggestions from friends.” (source)
  • Among adult Internet users, 13% are on Twitter. Half of those access Twitter on a smart phone. (source)

Twitter as Part of a Marketing Strategy

A Twitter party is a whirlwind of micro-blogging posts, all centered on your company’s product or service. The participants are a highly targeted audience because they have chosen to attend. They want to hear about your company and engage with you. The atmosphere is fun, and participants connect with a brand or product in an interactive chat that builds both awareness and loyalty.

Twitter parties can educate potential customers about your products and build buzz for your brand. A Twitter party is most likely to generate new leads when it includes discounts and promotional offers to draw new customers to your website.

If you listen carefully to your clientele during a Twitter party, you can uncover details about what they like and what they need. That information can be valuable for product development, marketing strategy, and customer service.

If there are certain actions you want your audience to take such as opting in for a newsletter subscription or visiting a landing page, a Twitter party can get the word out in an entertaining manner.

Let iHN Host a Twitter Party for Your Company

iHomeschool Network can help you organize and hold a strategic Twitter party that helps you achieve your marketing goals. If you company does not yet have a Twitter presence, iHN can help you create one and get you started.

Our iHN bloggers have a strong Twitter presence and can draw in new followers and Twitter party participants for you.

Contact us today for a custom proposal for reaching an audience on Twitter.

Examples of Past Twitter Parties

See our events category for examples of past parties and any upcoming parties we have.

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