5 Favorite Ways to Homeschool With LEGO®

I’m not sure we could successfully homeschool without LEGO® bricks. (I write this jokingly, but there is some element of truth to the statement.) LEGO® learning can take place across all subject areas, ages, and interest levels. LEGO® bricks will speak to a child when nothing else will, and sometimes they help make a break-through to understanding in a critical math or science concept.

Exploring Homeschool Math as a Family

Are you tired of teaching math lesson after math lesson, one after another, one child at a time, with every one separate and learning in isolation? I was. With five school-aged children (and a 3 year-old who thinks she is), math lessons can take up to 5 hours of our day when completed individually. It took me only a couple of days of this grueling schedule to know, without a doubt, that teaching math individually, every day was not going to work for us.

Top 10 Ways to Drill Math Facts

Let’s face it, learning math facts is important. Kids will have trouble with math and algebra without their facts memorized. Thankfully there are many ways to memorize math facts. Here are my family’s top 10 ways to drill these math facts.

The Massive Guide for Homeschooling Math

There are fewer words that instill more fear in a homeschool mom than the word, math, does. Unless you happen to be one of those moms that loves math, the idea of teaching math to our children can cause many a restless night. Even if you do happen to love math, that does not mean that your children will, or that they will have a natural affinity for it. We’ve pulled together our best homeschooling math posts to help you find just what you need to successfully teach this subject.