Our Top Must Haves for Homeschooling

Our Homeschool Must Haves by iHomeschool Network

When you decide to homeschool, one of your first considerations is what you will need to do the job:  curriculum, school supplies, furniture, paper, technology, learning aids, and so on. There are thousands of options for a homeschool mom, so we asked the bloggers of iHN to share what they would consider their must haves for homeschool. Their top picks should narrow the decisions for you as they direct you to what you really need.

Our radical unschooling “school supply” must-haves: Technology, travel, toys and more by Joan Otto

Why Homeschoolers Should Invest in a Kindle by Christin Slade

Must Have Nature Study Supplies by Cindy West

Must Have Homeschooling Items for the Large Family by Jen Dunlap

Ten Homeschool Investments by Mary Prather

Must Haves for Homeschooling Kids with Sensory Issues by Sharla Kostelyk

Must Have Supplies for Homeschooling Several Kids by Selena Robinson

What You Must Have to Use Notebooking for Homeschool by Jimmie Lanley

How to Organize Your Homeschool Year with Homeschool Tracker by Heidi Ciravola

Boyschooling Survival Kit by LaToya Edwards

Gifted Homeschool Must-Haves by Renee Brown

Homeschooling Items Our Military Family Couldn’t Do Without by Carlie Kercheval

Must Have Items For Our Multicultural Homeschool by Carlie Kercheval

Must-Haves for Homeschool Moms Who Feel Burnt Out by Kendra Fletcher

Must Haves for Homeschooling Preschoolers by Kathy Gossen

Must Haves for the Artistic Homeschool by Stephanie Harrington

Must Have Homeschool Items That Will Last Through the Ages by Laurie Bostwick

The one thing EVERY homeschooler needs by Crystal Brothers

Must Have Items for Homeschooling a Preschooler with Apraxia by Lara Molettiere

Our Must Have Items for Homeschool Unit Studies by Heather Woodie

Our Must-Have Resource for Teaching Latin at Home by Dianna Kennedy

Must Have Items for Homeschooling with Littles by Lauren Mirecki

Everything You Need for Eclectic Homeschool History by Amber Oliver

Arabic Learning Must-Haves by Gabby Hester

Must Have Items for Homeschooling and Attachment Parenting a Baby or Toddler by MacKenzie Monroe

Must Have Supplies for Chalk Pastel Art by Tricia Hodges

Online Resources Homeschoolers Should Invest In by Megan Zechman

Must-Haves for the Organized Homeschooler: What to Keep and What to Skip! by Tina Robertson

Must Haves for Homeschooling Boys by Mary Clendenin

Must Have Supplies for Timeline Notebooks by Judy Hoch

Must Haves for Delight Directed Learners by Ami Brainerd

6 Must Have Products to Make Homeschooling Easier by Adrienne Bolton

Must have Hands-on Learning Supplies by Ticia Messing

Must Have Manipulatives for Young Learners by Lauren Hill

Must Have Items for Homeschooling a Creative Girl by Sallie Borrink

Must Have Items While Homeschooling on the Go by Susann Gehring

A homeschooler’s most valuable asset by Kirsten Torrado

The Most Important Thing You Need for Homeschooling Your Gifted Child by Colleen Kessler

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