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Famous Birthdays in October | Free Unit Studies | @iHomeschoolNet | #ihsnet

The bloggers of the iHomeschool Network have teamed up to create fun and original unit studies on fascinating people who were born in October. This project has been going on for several years, so you can see both new studies and ones created in previous years!

Saint Fracis of Assisi
Born Oct. 4, 1181
Unit study by Ticia at Adventures in Mommydom

Thor Heyerdahl
Born Oct. 6, 1914
Unit study by Kristina at Blossom and Root

Hugh Jackman
Born Oct. 12, 1968
Unit study by Joan and Sarah at Unschool Rules

William Penn
Born Oct. 14, 1644
Unit study by Judy at Contented at Home

e.e. cummings
Born Oct. 14, 1984
Unit study by Leah at As We Walk Along the Road
Unit study by Erin at The Usual Mayhem

Roger Moore
Born Oct. 14, 1927
Unit study by Joan and Sarah at Unschool Rules

Noah Webster
Born Oct. 16, 1758
Unit study by Karyn at Teach Beside Me

Pope John Paul I
Born Oct. 17, 1912
Unit study by Ginny at Not So Formulaic

Evel Knievel
Born Oct. 17, 1938
Unit study by Jenny at Faith and Good Works

Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem
Born Oct. 17, 1972
Unit study by Joan and Sarah at Unschool Rules

Alfred Nobel
Born Oct. 21, 1833
Unit study by Eva at

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
Born Oct. 24, 1632
Unit study by Eva at

Johann Strauss
Born Oct. 25, 1825
Unit study by Gena at Music in Our Homeschool

Pablo Picasso
Born Oct. 25, 1881
Unit study by Alisha at Masterpiece Society
Unit study by Amy at Life as Lanhams
Unit study by Tricia at HodgePodge

Theodore Roosevelt
Born Oct. 27, 1858
Unit study by Lara at Everyday Graces

John Adams
Born Oct. 30, 1735
Unit study by Tatiana at The Musings of Mum

Michael Landon
Born Oct. 31, 1936
Unit study by Nadine at Making Her Mama

Johannes Vermeer
Born in October 1632 (date unknown)
Unit study by Alisha at Masterpiece Society

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