Our Top Homeschool Picks from 2015

This one surprised me because after 18 years of not loving Apologia, I now love this series from Apologia! I have a point-by-point list of the reasons we love the What We Believe series in the post.

Kendra Fletcher
Homeschooling IRL

My very favorite homeschool resource is Homeschool Made Simple. This resource has given me the confidence to homeschool my children the way we have wanted to homeschool all along, plus it simplifies the process as well. I’m all for simple yet effective!

Jennifer Dunlap
Forever, For Always, No Matter What

Our favorite resources this year were very out of the box:

  • TED-Ed videos. TED has a website devoted entirely to lessons for students of all ages. Here is a direct link to the engineering videos for middle to high school students.
  • Scribd. The Netflix for books. I wrote about how we use Scribd as homeschoolers here. A free trial is two months if you use an affiliate link. The affiliate earns one month free.
  • Genevieve Foster history books. These are living history books that weave a story of the world around each central character like George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. Rather than focusing exclusively on geo-political events, as most textbooks do; she includes stories of scientific discovery and invention, music, literature, art, and religion.

Amy Stults
Milk and Cookies

My favorite products in 2015 were:

Heidi Ciravola
Starts At Eight

All American History is rockin’ our homeschool this year! Volume II looks at Civil War to modern times in the United States.  Map work, reading lists, suggested projects, and family activities enrich our history lessons with hands-on, stimulating activities.  I love how easily I can use this homeschool history curriculum with all of my boys and their different ages, learning styles, and interests.

Amy Milcic
Busy Boys Brigade

My absolute favorite, by far, is Brave Writer.  I discovered Julie Bogart and Brave Writer very early on in our homeschooling career. Brave Writer was recommended to me by many parents- from parents of kids who loathe the written word, to fellow parents of profoundly gifted children who were searching for a writing program that incorporated individuality and creativity while still covering all the academic bases.I gush about Brave Writer ALL THE TIME on My Little Poppies. But the truth is, I honest-to-goodness adore this program and I’m so happy it is a part of our homeschool curriculum this year. Brave Writer meshes with our educational philosophy and needs so well that I feel as if the program was created for my children.

Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley
My Little Poppies

Hands down for me is Mystery of History, we’ve been using it since my boys were in kindergarten and each year we dig further into it and find more ways to use it. The supplemental material designed for it is well designed, and you can adapt it for very young kids to be easier and for high schoolers to be more difficult.  If you’re wondering how you can use Mystery of History in your homeschool check out my homeschool history category for about 200 ideas to go with Mystery of History.

Ticia Messing
Adventures in Mommydom

Gentle Guitar, Online Guitar Lessons is an online private guitar lesson for children age 5-12 and over. Lessons are presented in skypes lessons or videos. We love it since we can get qualified guitar lessons without travelling. The lessons are delivered based on the children’s needs and characters. There are huge flexibility without leaving the curriculum. You can read an in-depth review here.

Adelien Tandian
Blessed Learners

This year I decided to make the switch to digital organization with our homeschool lesson plans and records.  In the process I reviewed 9 online homeschool planners to discover that Homeschool Planet worked the best for us.  It syncs with Google Calendar, color codes assignments, has a mass assignment and auto-bump features, and can even be viewed on mobile.   It has features that fit nearly every organizational style and has definitely made our school year much more organized as a result! You can read an in-depth review here.

Kathy Gossen
Cornerstone Confessions

My #1 favorite homeschool item of 2015 was NaturExplorers. These unit studies offer cross-curriculum nature studies that fit perfectly with the Charlotte Mason method. I highly recommend this curriculum to families interested in Charlotte Mason and/or nature studies. It’s perfect for anyone starting out with either. Homeschool Nature Studies Are Easy with NaturExplorers.

Michelle Cannon
The Heart of Michelle

After years of teaching kids with dyslexia to read with the wrong methods we found All About Reading and our lives have been forever changed!  All About Reading uses multi-sensory methods with tons of review.  An open and go curriculum, it is super easy for mom to use at home.  Not only this but, wait for it, my kids love using this program!  When a kid with dyslexia enjoys reading practice you know that you’ve struck gold.  All About Reading Review

Marianne Sunderland
Homeschooling With Dyslexia

This year I created a resource that has not only been revolutionary in our homeschool, but has been an extremely popular idea with my readers as well. I have created a great new organizing system for kids school papers (that really works)! Basically, I got tired of not knowing what to do with all those piles of adorable school papers (which to keep? which to throw?) and created the My Memory Box system. This set of folder labels, tabs and other organizational printables (in four colors) offers a customizable way to not only organize stacks of school papers but to keep future school papers organized.You can read more about the My Memory Box system at this post (“How to Organize Kids School Papers for Good!”) or purchase the product here. I hope it blesses your homeschool as much as it has blessed ours!

Alicia Michelle
Your Vibrant Family

My favorite homeschool resource from 2015 is one I created out of my own need for organization: The Organized Homeschool Life. Even though our home hasn’t been in chaos for a very long time, I still wanted more. I wanted to plan my homeschooling ahead for the seasons so we could do fun activities before it was too late. I wanted to be as orderly in my parenting as my homeschooling. And I wanted to space out my homeschool planning so it didn’t feel so overwhelming. Even though I created it, I will be using it along with other homeschoolers who want the next year to be their most organized ever.

Melanie Wilson

My pick is an easy one – we LOVED the Timeline game series which is great for our history-buff unschooled teenage daughter. The idea is to guess what year an event, discovery, piece of music, movie, etc., happened, and put them in a line. It can be played competitively or collaboratively, and you can even play by yourself (which is great because I have an only child!) The nice thing is that it really gives you a broad view of history quickly through the kinds of events that you know are important (like the invention of the light bulb) but whose dates you can never seem to put your finger on (until now!) This wrap-up post from March 2015 shows Sarah with all her inventions Timeline cards proudly arranged in order.

Joan Concilio
Unschool Rules

Our resources from Memoria Press — I’ve been thrilled with everything we’ve ever used.

Dianna Kennedy
The Kennedy Adventures

I decided not to use Nancy Larson Science with my son this year even though we used it in the past. I wanted to just use the science in our Trail Guide To Learning, but my son actually cried one day and said he wanted NLS! So, we went back!  5 Reasons To Choose Nancy Larson Science – includes lots of links to other posts I’ve written about NLSAnd, I’ve said it 1000 times, Trail Guide To Learning saved our homeschool. 5 Reasons To Love Trail Guide To Learning.

Marci Goodwin
The Homeschool Scientist

My favorite homeschool resources were:

Eva Varga

Our favorite thing this year was Code Combat. It’s a game-based programming curriculum that can teach Javascript or Python. It makes learning boring programming strings fun for kids. My 9 year-old loves it.  I wrote a bit about it here.

Schooling a Monkey

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