Yes, You Can Teach Art in Your Homeschool



October 9, 2014 Episode Yes, You Can Teach Art in Your Homeschool
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Does the idea of teaching art and tackling the basics overwhelm you? Would you like to enjoy teaching art or find new and creative ways to fold it into your homeschool? Our special guest, Tricia Hodges of Southern Hodgepodge shares her tips and encouragement for teaching art in your homeschool. The discussion centers on these topics:

  1. How do you get over your mess-a-phobia and let your and your kids enjoy art?
    What about a child that is discouraged when their artwork isn’t just like the teacher’s or big brother’s? How do you encourage a reluctant or discouraged artist?
    How do you fit art into a homeschool schedule with multiple ages?
    Homeschoolers are always looking for ways to save money. Often expensive art supplies are first to be struck from the list. How can art be frugal?


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