Teaching Foreign Language for Homeschool

A panel of homeschool moms plus experts from Middlebury Interactive discuss these issues surrounding teaching foreign language in the homeschool setting:

  • What are your biggest obstacles in teaching world languages as a homeschool parent?
  • How have you taught foreign language? What works, what didn’t work?
  • How do you keep your child engaged in their own learning?
  • What’s the value of personalized or self-paced education in your mind?
  • Why are you interested in providing your child with world language learning opportunities?
  • What are the challenges and benefits of online language education versus more traditional means?
  • How do you and your child decide what world language to pursue for second language acquistion?
  • At what age do you traditionally start your child learning world languages and why?
  • What do you feel are the key benefits of world language study for your child?


October 16, 2014 Episode Teaching Foreign Language for Homeschool
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