Back To Basics Homeschool MP3 Collection


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  1. Connie  Albers, marketing and brand development consultant and blogger at Connie Albers, explains Advanced Placement or Dual Enrollment −What’s Right for Your High Schooler?
  2. Megan Zechman, blogger at Education Possible, speaks on Homeschool Transitions from Elementary to Middle to High School.
  3. T.K. Coleman, Education Director for Praxis, outlines College Alternatives for Homeschool Graduates.
  4. Vicki Tillman, blogger at 7 Sisters Homeschool, teaches about Creating a High School Transcript.
  5. Tyler Hogan, author and publisher at Bright Ideas Press, speaks on Entrepreneurs at Home.
  6. Jason Riddle, Program Development Manager at the Foundation for Economic Education, speaks on The Economics of Entrepreneurship – Serving Yourself by Serving Others Well.
  7. Lily Iatridis, founder of Fortuigence, shares 5 Steps to Make Your Kids Confident, Competent Writers.
  8. Colleen Kessler, blogger at Raising Lifelong Learners, speaks on Managing Intense Kids
  9. Councilwoman Lynn Schott, owner of The Founders Academy, speaks on Budget Basics for Kids and Teens
  10. Stacie Nelson, blogger at Motherhood on a Dime, speaks on Eating Well on a Budget


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