iHomeschool University

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Learn how to homeschool with expert advice from veteran homeschool moms.

Course content comes in three forms:

  • 7 Self-Paced Text and Video with Printable Handouts/Checklists
  • 65 MP3 Audio Recordings
  • 4 of our Most Popular eBooks

Your subscription gives you access to the course content for a full year. Download the handouts, audio files, & books before your subscription expires and you can keep them forever.

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iHomeschool Network has pooled the expertise of the 130+ homeschool moms in our network to bring you a comprehensive course that will give you the tools you need to homeschool your children without fear.

What is Contained in the iHomeschool University?

7 Self-Paced Text and Video Courses

Learn how to homeschool step-by-step when it’s convenient for you. Use our self-paced text and video courses created by experienced homeschool moms. The courses include printable handouts that help you apply what you’ve learned. Courses include these topics to get you started on your homeschool journey:

  • How to Choose a Curriculum Style
  • How to Find Confidence as a Homeschool Teacher
  • Planning Your Homeschool Year
  • Organizing a Homeschool Room
  • How to Write a Unit Study
  • Building a Homeschool Library on a Budget
  • Writing Lesson Plans for the Year, Semester, and Quarter

65 Audio Recordings

Each MP3 is approximately 50 minutes long. Listen when you are washing dishes, doing laundry, or sneaking in some me-time at the gym. Here are the topics you will get:

  • Loving Living Math
  • Managing Intense Kids
  • Hard-Wired to Learn: Your Child’s Brain and God’s Design
  • You Are Not Alone: Collaborative Homeschooling
  • The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Romance
  • If I Could Do it Over: What I learned as I traveled along the homeschool journey, but wish I knew at the very start
  • Why Personality Type Matters in Learning
  • Time Management for the Special Needs Mom (And Every Other Mom!)
  • Discover the Joy in Letting God Lead Your Homeschool
  • Homeschooling a Child with Learning Challenges
  • Organization for a Peaceful Home
  • The Lazy Student: What’s a Mom to Do?
  • Guiding our Kids through Social Media
  • Budget Basics for Kids and Teens
  • Teaching Music in Your Homeschool – Made Easy!
  • How to Guide the Gift in Your Child
  • Manners Matter & Mean Success
  • Overcoming the Mommy Anger
  • Cultivate a Heart for Missions While Weeding Out the Guilt
  • Eating Well on a Budget
  • Facing the Giant – Homeschooling Through High School
  • Loving Geography—Even If You Can’t Fold a Map!
  • Science and Math: End the Struggle!

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas: volume one

Wouldn’t it be great to have a resource you could turn to when you have a question in your homeschool? The 55 experienced homeschool moms who contributed to the 103 topics in this book don’t hold back from sharing their best advice about managing a homeschool budget, balancing homemaking with homeschooling, and even maintaining a strong marriage. The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas talks about all kinds of children: boys, only children, twins, teenage girls, and perfectionists. There are even chapters about special needs such as giftedness, bipolar disorder, dyslexia, and sensory issues.

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas: volume two

There are so many big ideas when it comes to home education, we couldn’t just stop at one volume! New for 2017: The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas: Volume TWO. We welcome 38 moms who share their expertise on 57 topics. In this book, we once again go beyond the basics of academics and delve into delightful, yet practical topics like dual enrollment and college prep, transcripts, personality and learning styles, ADHD, book clubs, flashcards, STEM, small spaces, and oodles more!

Homeschooling: What to Do When You Want to Quit

Over 250 pages of uplifting, but not sugar coated, practical help for 56 different reasons you might want to quit homeschooling. Written by homeschool moms just like you, this guide addresses nearly every potential frustration point that a homeschooler may face: having toddlers and babies along for the ride; working from home while homeschooling; feeling under-appreciated or inadequate; raising a special needs child; dealing with a family crisis or job loss; living in a chaotic house, and much much more.

How We Teach: the real lives of homeschoolers from classical to unschooling and everything in between

We asked each contributor to pull a homeschool method, a subject, and an age range, and then write about how exactly they teach in their own unique way. You’ll be astonished to see that homeschooling is definitely not one size fits all. If you have ever wondered what a homeschool season looks like in another person’s home, this is the book for you. If you need some help in the creativity department when it comes to math, history, fine arts and more, look no further.