Homeschooling High School: MP3 Collection


Preparing for the Finish Line: Homeschooling Middle School and High School

These 24 MP3s focus on what happens after elementary school —  middle school and high school. If you have a child nearing this transition to the upper grades, it’s a perfect time to learn what you need to provide your tweens and teens for long-term educational and career success.

We are here to say that you can homeschool all the way through high school! The twenty-three sessions were especially chosen to help you prepare both mentally and practically for grades 6-12 with curriculum options, four-year course schedules, transcripts, college admissions, higher level math, entrepreneurial projects, college writing, and even personal issues like dating, developing passions, and using social media. We touch on the entire person from academics to spirituality.

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  • Alesia Blackwood, founder of UnLock Math, teaches about Combating Math Anxiety For The Middle/High School Student and another session about Upper Level Math − Why Kids Need it and How You Can Facilitate It.
  • Cheryl Pitt, founder of the 2:1 Conference, discusses Dating and Romance for your Teen.
  • Cindy West, blogger at Our Journey Westward and founder of Shining Dawn Books, speaks on Project-Based Learning in the Middle and High School Years.
  • Connie Albers, marketing and brand development consultant and blogger at Connie Albers, explains Advanced Placement or Dual Enrollment −What’s Right for Your High Schooler?
  • Dianna Wiebe, founder of Grapevine Studies, will be speaking on Equipping your Christian Teen for the Spiritual Challenges of College.
  • Gabriella Volpe, homeschool consultant for parents of children with special needs, discusses Homeschooling Teens with Significant Cognitive or Physical Delays.
  • Jason Riddle, Program Development Manager at the Foundation for Economic Education, speaks on The Economics of Entrepreneurship – Serving Yourself by Serving Others Well.
  • Dr. Jennifer Bernstein, founder and president of Get Yourself Into College, Inc., speaks on The Homeschool Advantage in College Admissions & Scholarships.
  • Joan Otto, blogger at Unschool Rules, explores Unschooling for High School.
  • Kendra Fletcher, blogger and podcaster at Homeschool IRL, speaks on College Admissions for the Homeschooler.
  • Kim Kautzer, founder of WriteShop, discusses College Prep: Is Writing on Track?
  • Leah Nieman, founder of CurrClick, shares about Connected Teens, Connected Families.
  • Leah Nieman, founder of CurrClick, speaks about Guiding our Kids through Social Media.
  • Councilwoman Lynn Schott, owner of The Founders Academy, speaks on Budget Basics for Kids and Teens.
  • Marianne Sunderland, blogger at Abundant Life and author of Dyslexia 101, talks about Developing Passions in Teens.
  • Dr. Marie-Claire Moreau, author of Suddenly Homeschooling and blogger at Quick Start Homeschooling, shares Putting Together a Four-year Plan for High School.
  • Megan Zechman, blogger at Education Possible, speaks on Homeschool Transitions from Elementary to Middle to High School.
  • Sheila Carroll, founder of Living Books Curriculum, explains Homeschooling Your Teen the Charlotte Mason Way.
  • Terri Johnson, owner of Knowledge Quest, discusses Facing the Giant – Homeschooling Through High School.
  • T.K. Coleman, Education Director for Praxis, outlines College Alternatives for Homeschool Graduates.
  • Tyler Hogan, author and publisher at Bright Ideas Press, speaks on Entrepreneurs at Home.
  • Vicki Tillman, blogger at 7 Sisters Homeschool, teaches about Creating a High School Transcript.