Would You Rather? Science Questions for Kids


Would You Rather? 50 brilliant, thought provoking questions for science lovers of all ages.

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Kids of all ages LOVE Would You Rather? questions! This booklet is full of 50 thought-provoking questions from all areas of science. Here is a sampling of what you’ll find in this printable.

  • Would you rather be credited with inventing pi or pie?
  • Would you rather be caught in a lightning storm or a blizzard?
  • Would you rather travel to Mars as an astronaut or to the bottom of the sea as an oceanographer?
  • Would you rather be able to safely visit the Sun or Pluto?
  • Would you rather discover dinosaur fossils or a meteorite in your back yard?
  • Would you rather live in the Star Trek universe or the Star Wars universe?

In this digital resource, you will get three different formats:  rectangular cards, ½ inch strips, and 1 inch strips. After printing and cutting them in your preferred size, you can laminate them or even store them in a jar.

These questions are great for dinner conversations, during road trips, or for passing the time in doctor’s waiting rooms.

Testimonial from Eva Varga, “I’ve had such success with this ebook! I have used it with my Writer’s Workshop kids and as a filler activity when I was substitute teaching yesterday. Thank you so much!”


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