100 Curriculum Reviews by Trusted Homeschool Moms

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100 Awesome Homeschool Curriculum Reviews • iHomeschool Network

It’s great when you can hear from another mom exactly how a curriculum worked — or didn’t — for her. That’s why curriculum reviews by bloggers are such a godsend! Via the internet, you can draw on the experience of dozens of homeschool moms that you’ve never even met in real life.

Here are some of our favorite curriculum reviews, organized by subject area.

Math Curriculum

1. Math-U-See by Demetria

2. Math Dictionary for Kids by Renee

3. Reflex Math by Chelli

4. Teaching Textbooks by Heidi

5. LivingMath.net by Jimmie

6. A+ TutorSoft Math by Karyn

7. Math in Focus by Chelli

8. Learn Math Fast by Susan

9. Splash Math by Janine

Art Curriculum or Craft Kits

10. Kiwi Crate craft subscription by Amy

11. The Art of Fall: Mixed Media Workshop for Kids by Heidi

12. Chalk Pastel Lessons by Susan

13. Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad by Barb

14. Creating a Masterpiece by Heather

15. Smart Art: Learning to Classify and Critique Art by Jimmie

16. Draw Write Now by Amy

17. Home Art Studio by Chelli

18. Art in History Craft Kits by Jamie

19. BabbaCo Craft Kits by Lauren

20. Birdcage Press Art Games by Jimmie

Science Curriculum

21. Pearson Interactive Science (1st grade) by Chelli

22. Human Body Lapbook from Elemental Science by Aadel

23. Uzinggo Online Science Lessons by Judy

24. Apologia General Science and Student Notebook by Tricia

25. Nancy Larsen Science by Marci

26. Super Charged Science by Karyn

27. Elemental Science by Mary

Language Arts Curriculum

28. Pearson Phonics by Lisa

29. All About Reading by Pam

30. Applied Grammar by Ticia

31. Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons by Catie

32. The Pilgrim’s Progress All-in-One Curriculum by Tricia

33. Get Ready for the Code by Cindy

34. Reading Horizons by Marianne

35. Alpha Phonics by Heather

36. Snap! Learning by Becky

37. Learning Language Arts Through Literature by Jimmie

38. Easy Grammar by Cindy

39. Primary Language Lessons by Amy

40. Learning Resources’ Magnetic Letter Construction Kit by Becky

41. Evan Moor Daily Paragraph Editing by Jimmie

42. Sequential Spelling by Stephanie

43. Rod and Staff English by Tricia

Music Curriculum

44. Zeezok Music Appreciation by Christin

45. SQUILT Composer Study by Tonia

46. Hoffman Academy’s Video Piano Lessons by Melanie

47. A Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers by Michelle

48. Beautiful Feet History of Classical Music by Jimmie

49. Maestro Classics CDs by Amber

50. Classical Composers Monthly by Karyn

Writing Curriculum

51. Essay Rockstar Online Writing Courses by Tina

52. Writing & Rhetoric (Classical Academic Press) by Tonia

53. Fortuigence Online Writing Courses by Jamie

54. Wordsmith by Cindy

55. Institute for Excellence in Writing by Kris

Vocabulary Curriculum

56. Wordup Vocabulary Video Curriculum by Kyle Suzanne

History Curriculum

57. All American History by Judy

58. Trail Guide To Learning by Marci

59. Heritage History by Jamie

60. Brimwood Press Western Civilization Course by Cindy

61. Time Travelers Studies from Homeschool in the Woods by Stephanie

62. Project Passport Studies from Homeschool in the Woods by Lauren

63. Homeschool in the Woods Timeline Figures by MacKenzie

64. Jim Hodges Audio Books by Mary

65. What’s in the Bible DVDs by Jennifer

66. The Mystery of History by Kerri

67. Tapestry of Grace by Tricia

Geography Curriculum

68. North Star Geography by Carlie

69. WonderMaps by Amber

70. Highlights Which Way USA by Heather

71. Galloping the Globe by Laurie

Foreign & Classical Language Curriculum

72. iTalki by Aadel

73. Middlebury Interactive by MacKenzie

74. Mango Languages by Jen

75. Excelerate Spanish by Michelle

76. First Form Latin by Tonia

77. Visual Latin by Marci

78. It’s Not Greek to Me by Lauren

79. Speekee Spanish by Karyn

Miscellaneous Curriculum

80. Type Kids by Karyn

81. Homeschool (Computer) Programming by Jimmie

82. We Choose Virtues by Lara

83. Keyboard Classroom by Karyn

84. Freshi Learning Online (Digital Media Courses) by Aadel

85. The Art of Argument: Learning Logical Fallicies by Jimmie

86. What We Believe Worldview Curriculum from Apologia by Becky

Personal Finance, Economics, and Entrepreneurship

87. Budgeteer Notes App by Marianne

88. Pirates of Financial Freedom by Ticia

89. Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance by Kris

90. Founders Academy Economics 101 by Jimmie

91. Entrepreneur Kids Academy by Daniele

Multi-Subject Curriculum

92. Memoria Press complete curriculum by Karyn

93. Time4Learning by Beth

94. Standard Deviants Accelerate by Stacey

95. CurrClick Live Online Classes by Jimmie

96. Dual Credit at Home by Sade

97. Praxis (for homeschool graduates) by Shannen

98. Sonlight by Roan

99. NotebookingPages.com by Mary

100. JumpCourse CLEP Prep Courses by Heather