How My Homeschool Has Changed over the Years

How My Homeschool Has Changed over the Years

How My Homeschool Has Changed Over The Years

Change. It’s inevitable in life, but somehow we don’t expect it in homeschooling. However, part of the beauty of homeschooling is that it can be adapted to meet the changing needs of each family.

If your homeschool is in a season of change, you will find a hearty dose of encouragement and wisdom in these posts by homeschool moms who have been there, too.

How My Homeschool Has Changed over the Years

Changes in Our Homeschool Journey Through the Years by Michelle Cannon

Falling in Love with Charlotte Mason by LaToya Edwards

Evolved Homeschooling: Don’t Stay the Same by Alicia Hutchinson

How Our High School Goals Have Changed, and Why That’s Okay by Shannen Espelien

Watch! Our Homeschool Has Changed by Adelien Tandian

Will Our Homeschool Ever Stop Changing? by Lisa Baldwin

7 Changing Faces of My Classical Homeschool by Sara Dennis

The Seasons of Homeschooling by Misty Bailey

Evolution of a First-Year Homeschooler by Cait Fitz

Eclectic Homeschooling: What Happened When We Ditched the Labels by Kalista

Enjoy the Journey: Flexibility in Homeschooling by Karen

Illuminations Grows with my Homeschool by Ticia Messing

4 Things I’ve Learned on Our Homeschooling Journey by Tonia

Why I’m No Longer Behind in Homeschool by Jamie


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March 16, 2015