Kid’s View of Homeschooling

Kid’s View of Homeschooling

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Kid's View of Homeschooling

My Children’s Point of View About Homeschooling by Adelien Tandian
Homeschool: View from a First Grader by Amy Matkovich
A Boy’s View of Homeschooling by Amy Stults
A Gifted Kid’s View of Homeschooling by Colleen Kessler
Rachel’s Look at Homeschooling by Dianna Kennedy
Homeschooling Through the Eyes of a High Schooler by Heidi Ciravola
Relaxed Homeschooling: Kathryn’s View by Jamie Worley
Homeschooling through kid’s eyes by Karyn Tripp
A Middle Schooler’s View of Hands-On Homeschooling by Megan Zechman
Kid Eye View of Homeschool by Renee Brown
Homeschooling-What My Children See by Sam Kelley
A Hodgepodge View of Homeschooling From Multiple Ages by Tricia Hodges


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September 6, 2014