Resources for Homeschool Moms

Resources for Homeschool Moms

Rescources for Homeschool Moms from the @iHomeschoolNet Bloggers | #ihsnet

As homeschool moms we understand just how busy you are. We also know that sometimes it’s too cumbersome to weed through search engines to find exactly what you need for your homeschooling lessons, your planning, and your life. That’s why we’ve gathered the best homeschooling resources available and are sharing our resource lists with you.


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Resources for Homeschool Mom Encouragement

  1. 10 Resources for the Homeschool Mom Who Wants to Get Fit – Everyday Grace
  2. 12 Resources for the Overwhelmed Homeschool Mom -Family Style Schooling
  3. Must Read Books for the Heart of a Homeschool Mom – Embracing Destiny
  4. Must Watch TED Talks for Homeschoolers – Blog She Wrote
  5. Pick-Me-Ups for the Homeschool Mom Who Wants to Pack ‘Em Up (on the little yellow school bus) -Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers
  6. Resources for Catholic Homeschooling Moms – The Kennedy Adventures
  7. Resources for the New Homeschool Mom – Mama’s Learning Corner
  8. Resources For The Stressed Out Homeschool Mom – The Homeschool Scientist

Resources for Homeschooling on a Budget

  1. 12 Budget-Friendly Homeschool Resources for Newbies – The Sunny Shadow
  2. Amazing Free Resources for the Frugal Homeschool Mom – Cornerstone Confessions
  3. Budget-Friendly Resources for Homeschool Moms – Homeschooling on a Dime
  4. How to Homeschool When You Can’t Afford It – Pat and Candy
  5. Mega List of Free Resources for a Human Body Unit Study – Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Homeschool Teacher Resources

  1. 15 Helpful Resources for Homeschooling Older Children – Homegrown Learners
  2. 40 Sites to Bookmark if Your Child is Gifted – My Little Poppies
  3. 5 Fantastic Resources for Homeschooling Preschool – Life at the Table
  4. 5 Resources for the Disorganized Homeschooling Mom – Embracing Him
  5. Resources to Teach Writing Well – Aspired Living
  6. Art & Creativity Resources for Your Homeschool – Sweetness & Light
  7. Art Links for the Not-so Artsy Homeschool Parent -Life at the Table
  8. Babysitter Training Resources for Tweens  – MomThe Unlikely Homeschool
  9. Best Educational YouTube Channels for Homeschoolers – Blog She Wrote
  10. Creative Electives for Your High School Student – Pat and Candy
  11. Explore Your Hometown: Field Trip Resources for Homeschooling Moms  – The Kennedy Adventures
  12. Favorite Teacher Resource Books – Triumphant Learning
  13. Fun Math Resources  – My Little Poppies
  14. Homeschool Helpers – My Favorite Supplemental Sites – Life at the Table
  15. How to Actually Homeschool Multiple Ages – Renée at Great Peace
  16. Our Language Arts Resources – Aspired Living
  17. Our Resources for Reading & Literature – Aspired Living
  18. Our Very Best Resources for Keeping a Toddler Busy – The Kennedy Adventures
  19. Must Have Items for Homeschool Unit Studies – Blog She Wrote
  20. Resources for a Nature Study Family – Blog She Wrote
  21. Resources for Coaching Writing – Blog She Wrote
  22. Resources for High School Art – Blog She Wrote
  23. Resources for Teaching Human Geography – Blog She Wrote
  24. Resources for Teaching with LEGO Mindstorms – Blog She Wrote
  25. Resources for the Art Challenged Homeschool – MomThe Unlikely Homeschool
  26. Resources for the FUN Homeschool Mom – Are We There Yet?
  27. STEM Resources for the Whole Family – My Little Poppies

Resources for Homeschool Methods

  1. 10 Resources for the Charlotte Mason Homeschool – The Heart of Michelle
  2. Best Tools for Relaxed Homeschoolers – Forever, For Always
  3. Homeschool Notebooking 101 – Renée at Great Peace
  4. Online Resources for Project-Based Learning  – MomThe Unlikely Homeschool
  5. Must Have Art Supplies for a Project Based Homeschool – Blog She Wrote
  6. Must Have Supplies for an Authentic Project Based Homeschool – Blog She Wrote
  7. Resources for Teaching from Rest – The Sunny Patch
  8. Resources for the Classical Conversations Teacher (Mom…That’s You!) -Family Style Schooling
  9. Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Education Methods – Renée at Great Peace



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October 12, 2015